In August 2015, we purchased our first home. I was adamant about remaining an "east side snob" aka I told JJ I didn't want to leave The east side of Salt Lake
County. He was very passionate the up and coming-ness of Lehi Home value explosions. He wanted to be close to Adobe even if it meant venturing to Utah  county. Let me tell you how happy I am we came! 

Lehi is like a mullet. Silicon slopes, thanksgiving point, shopping outlets and trendy restaurants in the front and never ending terrain and country land in the back. It's amazing. I can run for miles without any stop lights unlike LA living. We also get exquisite sunsets since there is all that farm dust in the air on uncharted pieces of land. After searching for months for a big enough house with enough land, we were in a bind until we found our Lehi sanctuary. 

It was to us a blank canvas. It has needed work...but mostly paint and a few cosmetic fixes. The selling point for me was the large backyard and view and finished basement. 

Here are some before and after pictures. 

We added some shutters and minir landscaping. A rose garden, a hedge to grow and all romantic flowers. 

Front piano room before we moved in

Piano room-after 

Family room before 


Living room after 

Kitchen before and after (Still a lot of work left to do).

 Other snippets of or happy home








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