Huntington, Newport, Balboa & Waffle Donuts (9/2014)

Our return back to LA was a breath of fresh air. Being in UT for 3 months for the internship kicked my butt. I now no longer look at UT as "home." To me, LA has become the sweetest home of homes.
With that being said, this was one of the most refreshing views ever. Seeing my Bonnie bug on her beach and beginning another year of endless adventure! 

 We discovered a place in Santa Monica called, DK's donuts. The waffle donut hybrid or the "wow-nut" was $7.95 and so worth it! It melts in your mouth! The sprinkles is my favorite but the red velvet isn't half bad either.

 At Newport, we decided to try the crab cooker. We honestly were not too impressed! It was over priced and so-so good. More trendy than anything. The food was decent.
 Corona Del Mar is one of our favorite beaches! Such a beautiful place with the amazing cliffs, huge beach mansions, and chill/kid friendly beach. Small and relaxing waves...perfect for boogy boarding.

Balboa was fun. We loved getting our dipped banana stand bananas (especially being the arrested development fans we are.) 


 Huntington Beach. I love this place! This is where my dad grew up and I think he is a nut job for ever leaving it! The pier is fun. Ruby's is a blast and we love their burgers and balloon man!

The return was very sweet. Cali sweet Cali. 


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