*Dear Johnny*

Dear Johnny man,

Tomorrow you will be 8 weeks old! You are growing up too fast, it just isn't fair! How happy I am to have you in our family! Here is what we think of you:

-You are very mellow and happy. You only cry when you are hungry. You are more mellow than Bonnie and that is saying something!

-You love attention! You love when people smile at you and you coo and lightly giggle. Your smiles are the cutest! I melt when I see them.

-You have the cutest most drawn out yawns mixed with a coo. You have the funniest sneezes and you sneeze a lot. After you sneeze, you always say, "OO-OOH."

-I love your little button nose and butt/double chin.

-You are a long baby! You have been in 3 month old clothes since you were 3 weeks old and you are now almost in 3-6 month old clothes...and you haven't even hit 2 months yet!

-You enjoy being in the snugli snuggled up to my chest and walking around. You always fall asleep
-You are a constant eater! You get so excited when you are about to eat. You will eat anytime, anywhere.

-You hate taking binkies and bottles

-You are such a squirmer if someone isn't holding you. If someone is, you just love to root anyone.
-You love music and when I play the piano for you.

-You are an amazing sleeper. You have slept basically through the night since you were 2 weeks old. Now, you only wake up once a night to eat.

 -People think you look a lot like your uncle Phil as a baby. You are on the left, he is on the right. People also think Bonnie looks like your dad in this picture.

-Whenever people see you the first thing they say is, "He is so handsome!"

-You are very ticklish especially on your under arms

-You  light up when I sing your song that I made up for you at 2 weeks old.... put to Utah man:

Johnny Man
I am the cutest baby that you have ever seen
Did my mommy ever mention that I am a poop machine?
I am a chunky monkey and I nurse around the clock
I am so strong and tall...but I'll need more milk to walk

Who am I sir? A Johnny man am I
A Johnny man sir and I will be till I die. Ki yi!

My eyes are big and brown and my lips are nice and pouty
My hair is thick and black and my belly is an outy
I am so very handsome all the ladies can't resist
whenever they see me all they want to do is kiss!

Who am I sir? A Johnny man am I
A Johnny man sir, and will be till I die! Ki yi!

I bet you didn't know this fact
I'm named after my dad
He'll be the coolest buddy that I'll ever have
We'll play the sports and read the books
We'll try to do it all
I'll share his crazy love for U-Tah Utes Foot---ball--! 
Go Utes!

-You went to your first U of U football game and stayed awake the entire 4 hours even if it meant till it was midnight.

-You had the darkest hair but you are losing your hair. You have a little old man ring going on. The same thing happened to Bonnie but I think you will have darker hair than her.

-You smile at your little sister and you coo when she tries to make you laugh with her goofy antics. I think you and Bonnie will be best buds.

-You are a poop machine! You are always going through diapers. Luckily, you don't stink.

-You are a very patient baby. It must be a 2nd child trait because you must sense we are dealing with your toddler older sister too. Thanks for being an understanding baby who doesn't need constant undivided attention! ;)

-I love your BIG BROWN BUGGY eyes. You got those from me and you remind me of me as a baby with them.

-You love to snuggle more than anything. You always fall asleep on mine and dad's chest. You hate falling asleep on anything else.

-You have the poutiest lips and the chubbiest cheeks and you also have a very stern look.
-You are a chunky chunk. People that see you always say, "He is a big baby! He can't be six weeks old...he is as big as my six month old!"

-You light up when I read Dr. Seuss to you and Bonnie

-You love your baths!
Hospitalization at 3 weeks old
We are happy you are still with us! When you were 3 weeks old (24 days), you came down with a fever and were admitted via ambulance to Primary Children's medical center. They did a spinal tap and blood work on you. When they attempted to insert your IV I lost it.Your veins were so small and they tried to do it for almost 1 hour. I had to leave the room for your spinal tap. I hated seeing you suffer! You wouldn't eat anything and were completely lethargic. One report after another gave your dad and I heart attacks. First they said they found bacteria in your blood after your cultures had developed which could have been evidence of bacterial meningitis. Then they took X-rays and said your intestines could be failing. These were not words any parent wants to hear. I said a lot of prayers and dad and I slept at the hospital for 2 nights. I actually didn't get any sleep because I didn't want you to slip from us. I didn't leave your side. I hated seeing you hooked up to machines 24/7. You sweet little spirit gave me so much hope. I had to read the scriptures to get comfort and I received the comfort I needed especially when you were getting an IV and I left the room. I sat in the chapel and saw a picture of Christ holding little children and right then I knew that whatever happened to you, it was not my plan but Heavenly Father's plan. With the prayers and support of many people (especially your grandparents and extended family) and the help of many priesthood blessings, you were released from the hospital on a miracle. Your cultures were retested and came back negative because the doctor said your first culture was contaminated. Your fever cleared up, you began to eat and open your eyes. Your 2nd X rays came back normal and your intestines looked healthy. You left the hospital with a diagnosis of rhino virus.  You had quite the swift turn around. Johnny, I want to let you know that you were meant to endure challenges and so were we as your parents. I want to let you know that I have a testimony of priesthood power and I know Heavenly Father is aware of you. I know you will be a great and righteous priesthood holder someday like your dad. Thanks for being such a strength to our little family. 

-This is how you looked the day you were released from the hospital after your virus

-Dad gave you a beautiful baby blessing. Here is how cute you looked that night! Because you were sick, we did it at Grandma and Grandpa's house and only had immediate family there. You were blessed 2 days after your hospital release. We ate smart cookies and pasta salad from Red Butte!

-You always have to be looking around and you observe everything around you with wide eyes and a smile. If you are not getting attention, you kick your arms and feet and fake wimper and your eyes widen. It is one of my favorite things!

-You have some great burps! You get that from ME and grandma Baki.

-You are super active little man. You love to push up on your feet. You have been holding up your head on your own since you were in the hospital after birth.

We love you Johnny! Happy 8 weeks to you, our handsome little man! We are excited to take you on our family adventures!

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