*UTAH-Adobe, Bonnie's 2nd birthday and Baby Johnny!*

June 2014

Temporary move to Utah
We took off and drove through the night so Bonnie would sleep and to avoid LA traffic. We stopped at Kolob canyon and Bonnie loved it. She kept wanting to hike on her own and throw rocks. We made it to grandma's and the first thing they did to welcome us was get us Cafe Rio!

Kolob Canyon-34 weeks prego

JJ began his internship at Adobe. He loves it and there are so many awesome people and perks. He eats for free everyday from their amazing high-end cafeteria. The amenities are a lot of fun with an on-site gym, game room/break room and basketball court. It is the Google of Utah! Bonnie and I have visited to eat lunch and breakfast at the cafeteria. Bonnie also enjoys "touching the big TV at Daddy's work." I took her on the train and she had a blast. She now prays for "Bless Daddy at work on the train." JJ takes front runner every day! We have enjoyed great parties from a carnival with ski acrobatics and owls/caricatures/face painting to an outdoor summer movie. Bonnie still bugs me to watch, "Lego movie again and eat skittles at Daddy's work." We hope we can come back to Adobe. We have also enjoyed the Bee's game and box tickets an RSL game courtesy of Adobe. Barbecues with the other interns were also a blast. He also participated in a fit bit competition with the ones Adobe bought for us! JJ will miss it!


Last family outing! 38 weeks prego

Adobe intern bbq

Bonnie on the "train to see daddy at work."

Touching the "Big TVs."

July 2014 

Haley's homecoming
Haley came home from her mission! We went to Cafe Rio after and celebrated with burritos and tres leches. We also went to the temple as a family! We are happy to have our "Hay Bay" back home from Argentina.

4th of July
We participated in my parent's neighborhood parade and breakfast. It was fun to catch up with people who I grew up with! Bonnie rode in the wagon with her cousins and enjoyed "pop its" and "sparklers." She also enjoyed feeding the fish at Grandpa Nut's house and helping him spray the water. JJ and I got a little festive. We also headed up to Midway for the Ahlman Family Reunion. We ate amazing bbq that was smoked for 12 hours and we played at Strawberry Reservoir. We watched fireworks on an abandoned ranch in the middle of nowhere Midway and a bull charged at us! Bonnie said the fireworks were "too loud!" However, she thoroughly enjoyed them.


Bonnie's 2nd Birthday
Bonnie is obsessed still with all things Disney but especially all the princesses. She has everything from puzzles to dress ups to books to cars and backpacks all embellished with a Disney princess face! So, we decided it would be a perfect theme. Cindy and I worked really hard. Cindy made costumes for Julia, Katie and I as we all had to dress up. We made a lot of fun desserts, played pin the nose on olaf, musical chairs and even set up a Mulan station to get prettied up. She loved her cake most of all. I was a nice mom and let her stay up till midnight and eat hot wings! haha! She got a lot of Disney themed books, puzzles and toys as well as clothes and swim suits. She had a ball with her cousins and loves them all.

More Utah Adventures
Slurpee day, hikes, sportsmall swimming, splash pad fun and many visits to Sweet Tooth Fairy and feeding the ducks by Grandma and Papi's house along with Wheeler farm.

35 weeks

36 weeks


helping mommie prep for the baby! In her own little way. :)

Teaching Bonnie how to swim at Sportsmall

2 days before baby

 August 2014

Four Year Anniversary
It is so hard to believe we have been married four years! I feel like we have been through so much together and most of it has been very good and happy times! The day started off a little rough. My car battery died and it was pouring rain and around 100 degrees. I was 9 months pregnant and Bonnie was screaming in the car. I asked 6 people to help me jump my car and everyone said "no" or just made lame excuses even though I had the freaking jumper cables right there. After crying and praying my car started. Nice to know that the Lord will come in and help when no one else will take 2 minutes out of their day to. My cute mechanic even drove in the rain and traffic to help me but I had figured it all out by then. I then came home to a delivery of beautiful roses from JJ. That seriously turned my day around. That evening, he took us to get a couple's massage which I desperately needed with my prenatal aches. We got cute little candy favors and then went to the "Dodo." I introduced JJ to it since I have failed to for 5 years! He loved it and we wolfed down the caramel coffee cake, salmon bruschetta, smoked turkey sandwich and ribs. We read memories of us and reminisced of all our good times. We have had a funny 5 years together! I love him more and more each day!

poor quality. 5 days before baby

Johnny's Birth
On August 11, 2014 at 5:39 pm our sweet Johnny born was born via c-section. John Hakon Haglund, III named after his daddy JJ and grandpa John. He weighed 8 lbs 9 oz., 21.5 inches in length and was a week early! He had a lot of dark black hair and tan skin with grayish brown eyes which I think will go brown. When JJ first brought him to me, he had a hat on and I thought he was blonde and looked like my dad! I told him, "He looks like my dad. Such an Ahlman look! Look at that stern face!" Little did I know when he took his hat off that he had a head full of dark hair...almost black! A very handsome boy! He is a good mix of us. He loves to sleep and eat and poop. I would say he is a pooping machine. I can't seem to keep him in a clean diaper for 5 minutes and that is not exaggerating. Bonnie always laughs when she hears him poop and she says, "haha, mommy he pooed and farted!" She also loves saying, "He needs a drink of the boobie or "I feed him a bottle." haha! Such a funny girl! She also sang "Hush, now my baby" to him and was very nurturing and said things like: 
-Tell him a story
-You're safe now
-Don't cry
-Wake up
-It's Okay
-I Love You
-Prince Johnny and Baby Johnny
-I wear shoes, baby
-I wear dress, baby
-He's coot
" She came and visited Johnny every day and  In the hospital, I learned quickly he was a snuggle bug and a constant eater. However, I am thankful for the nurses at IMC. I normally will have him sleep in the room with me but the nurses suggested they take him to the nursery while I rest. Just hours after he was born, he got a "dusky spell" which is where the baby turns purple and stops breathing. He swallowed so much air at birth that they had to stick a tube down his throat and into his stomach and suck 50 ml of air! Had he been in the room with me, he could have died. I feel so blessed I delivered at IMC and not in LA where they don't have nurseries or keep a close track of the baby's vitals at night when the mom is asleep. 

 He is very mellow but like his sister gets very "hangry" aka hungry/angry. He nurses every 1.5-2 hours which is not normal. The sad thing I remember before going in to deliver him is hearing about the death of Robin Williams. I also learned later that week of the things that transpired in Ferguson. 

I had great visitors. My dad and mom brought me 4 dozen roses simply because they are my favorite. Eric and Preeti got me Sweet Tooth Fairy! It was a fun time in the hospital. Johnny is a mellow little angel and I'm so grateful he came early! Today was his 2 week appointment. He is now 22 inches long (aka off the charts for being too tall) and he weighs 10 lbs 1 oz. We are having a baby shower for him next week with an "Oh, the Places He'll Go" theme! So happy for our little Johnny3!

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