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Well folks, it has been 5 months since I blogged. I am just so on the ball! This is just for me for journaling purposes so don't feel like you need to read all the details. It will be another long post.  ha....Here we go!

March 2014

Let's Go Fly a Kite! In Manhattan Beach! Such a fun family night! Yogurtland and Cafe Rio!

Watching the skaters at sunset at Venice Beach

Our family run at Venice beach. Showing Bonnie all the dangerous riptides.

 Pointe Dume and Malibu with friends
Bonnie and Lydia loved flying kites and eating lunch at the Malibu park. Pointe Dume was fun as they saw seals, whales, sea urchins and starfish!

26 weeks prego with my lovely friend, Melani Wallis. 

JJ's family came to town for their spring break. 
We went to Venice beach and spent most of the time in Anaheim at Disneyland. OF COURSE! We got them all the SOCAL discount season pass so now they come down whenever they want! 3 Days straight of D-land fun! We also went to the LA science center and loved the big aquarium!


Brittany's 26th birthday!
JJ got me Trader Joe's for breakfast and Primo's donuts along with beautiful Hydrangeas, roses and sunflowers. We went to my beloved  Umami burger for dinner and got the truffle burger and fries in Santa Monica. We then went shopping all night for home stuff. My kind of birthday!

Beverly Hills Cupcake tour
JJ got me a cupcake tour for V day but I took forever to schedule it cause I had prego sickness and wanted to enjoy it. Katie and I went down 3rd street in Beverly Hills. We tried about 10 cupcake spots. Jones on 3rd, Magnolia Bakery, Georgetown Cupcakes etc. We also got to try french macaroons and they were super good! I actually like my Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes the most but this tour didn't disappoint! Bonnie ate my chocolate one!

Dancing With the Stars

My friend Emily who lives in Beverly Hills got us tickets to "Dancing With the Stars." It was super fun!  We got early admission and it was a light/dance party rehearsal. We held up flashlights and such.We got to be front and center and sit VIP next to Jake Pavelka (the bachelor). He was a little weird but really nice. They confiscated our phones so I got one picture.

My cutie beauty in her signature color, Bonnie Blue.

 Reading scriptures with dad!

  Our hike up Temescal Canyon with a beautiful view on the pacific ocean. More like a leisurely walk! Nothing compared to the hikes in UT

We went on an Easter egg hunt by the LA temple on Sat. and then went down to Beverly Rice's home in Irvine for some confetti eggs, another hunt and a delicious dinner. Bonnie got some "Bon Bons" in her basket and makeup since she is such a girly girl. I did a Swedish tradition for JJ. He got some Daim chocolate and Swedish lemon cookies as well as a memory foam pillow. I got myself diet dew and starburst/recess of course.

Our date in Westwood! Our fav pizza place is 800 degrees!

Novelty sodas at our fav candy store, Rocket Fizz

Dad came to visit and took us to Cafe Rio since we rarely get it on his short LA business trip stay! He also let us swim at his hotel and eat at the concierge lounge at the Renaissance Marriott in Manhattan Beach.
This little chica begged daddy to put a tie on her! She loves church and Sundays!
Bonnie would put her backpack on and stand at the door until JJ put his on so they could go to school. Or just walk around with backpacks on and do whatever.
 Newport Beach
We were sick of going to Santa Monica so JJ and I decided to take Bonnie to Newport. BIG MISTAKE. Huge wind advisory warnings we didn't pick up on. It was a ghost town with sand pelting us in the face and it was also a heat wave...of over 100 degrees. That is a big deal in SoCal. Bonnie hated it. The water was too cold and the temp was too hot! Poor girl. 
Bonnie's fav activity. Climbing the stairs at UCLA
JJ's surf class

The Getty Villa Museum 
By far one of my favorite things to do in LA. I was not a huge fan of the museum as I was the villa. The vineyards and pools were amazing. You can smell oranges and lemons! I also love all things Greek and Roman.

Surviving the heat wave at the UCLA sunset rec center!

 May 2014

JJ's 29th Birthday
I  made him a huge funfetti cake. We headed up to Malibu to Zuma beach. It was beautiful! Bonnie had lots of fun on the lifeguard tower. JJ got a surfboard and a wet suit from me. We also went to Duke's Malibu restaurant and the view was amazing.It sits right on the ocean!  Bonnie loved her fries of course! She also loved singing to her daddy simply cause she adores him...and wanted to dig into the cake!

 28 weeks prego

JJ's present from his parents/grandparents. His long awaited IPAD

Studio Recital
I put on a piano recital for my students. We had it in the grand hall at the UCLA institute. It was beautiful. They all did incredibly well and worked so hard. We ate cake and fruit and a variety of fruits and drank punch. I absolutely love my job! I told all my students that their teacher legacy stems from Beethoven.

Memorial Day at Manhattan Beach with friends

Fun bbq at our friend's mansion in Pacific Palisades

Redondo beach outdoor movie

Kid-less lunch date at Cheesecake on the Marina

JJ teaching Bonnie how to surf. Last beach day before our summer in Utah

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