JJ's Internship/Baby Gender!

The healthcare in LA is horrible and I have been dreaming of having the baby back in UT with my old doc. We got lucky! JJ got an internship at Adobe so we will be moving back for the summer and delivering the baby NOT in LA (PHEW!). Did you know in LA, they don't even have nurseries for free? So, if you have a horrible birthing experience, they won't take care of the baby while you recover and if you want them to then they charge disgusting fees. Yeah, in UT it is free. Though, Cali is much more fun with better weather, Disneyland and beaches, there are a few perks of living back in the 801 like tax breaks and good healthcare. (Oh, and no crazy antivaxxers who will give your kid measles).

Also, Bonnie is going to have a baby brother. It's a BOY! (PS, JJ is ecstatic!)

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