Hawaii, San Diego, 2014 etc.

So, since November. A few highlights!

Thanksgiving: Spent it in sunny San Diego and Anaheim with JJ's family. Went to San Diego Zoo Safari Park, La Jolla and on a whale watching cruise.

Christmas/December:   Endless beach and Disneyland days with friends.Got T-boned in a car accident. Went to the Grove and saw Derek Hough and fake snow. Spent Christmas back in the mother land. The entire time I was begging JJ to cut the trip shorter cause I hated the cold weather and I missed my Cali home. Fun to see family, go sledding, temple square etc. Announced we were expecting a baby.

Hawaii:   Went to Hawaii with my family in January. Stayed in Oahu and went to PCC, paddle boarded, makapu'a lighthouse, and saw some of the prettiest beaches in the world. Tried delicious coconut cream pie from Ted's bakery on the North Shore. Enjoyed going next door to Aulani,
the Disney resort and eating shave ice.

January:   Spent the majority of January laying in bed and next to the toilet with awesome morning sickness. JJ got a paid internship working at a tech start up in Santa Monica called, Bitium.
Bonnie kept me company with her adorable personality.

February:   Valentine's Day. Tried to go to Torrance to eat at Outback but the traffic was horrendous. Ended up getting burgers and fries as a family. Headed home and watched, The Vow. Went to Lemonade and tried it finally. Bonnie loved helping and drawing.

March:   Food truck nights. Saw Gwenyth Paltrow, Chris Martin and their kids Apple and Moses standing in front of us on the food truck line on Abbot Kinney. Saw Brody Jenner the next day in his BMW M6. Saw Lauren Conrad at the Coffee bean sitting outside on our way to church.

We have TWO huge announcements within the next week. Gender of baby and where we will be living for JJ's summer internship aka where the baby will be born!

Bonnie is now almost 20 months!
Where does the time go? She is such a funny girl brimming with so much personality. She is honestly a dream child! Here, I thought she would come out like me and she came out like JJ aka chill, independent, laid back and sweet. She is always thinking of others. A few things:

-She loves the pool...still. We go to the beach or pool almost everyday. She likes the "poo-a" which means the "pool" or the big kid (not kiddie) pool. We pass the ball back and forth and she laughs her head off.

-She is a Disney fanatic. She can tell you every Disney princess. She requests "Let it Go" on youtube and watches it probably 10 times a day. I think today, she is finally sick of it. She loves Ariel, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel and Aurora. She doesn't like Belle (who happens to be mommy's favorite).

-She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Goofy is her favorite character. She goes crazy at Disneyland when we see Goofy and Pluto. She also is obsessed with "Mini" aka "Minnie." Has to wear the Minnie pj's to bed.

-Slowly getting off the bottle. Down to 1-2 a day (only at napvtime). She actually started taking a binky which is a miracle considering she stopped taking one at 5 months old.

-She is so considerate. Sometimes I will fake cry just to see how she will react. Without a doubt, she comes up to me, pats me on the back and hugs me saying "Mama, sad?" Then she smiles and says, "Mama!" as if she is telling me to be happy.

-Her best friends are Max (Mack), Lydia (Li-ya), Liam, Thomas and Hudson.

-Still obsessed with babies. Yells "Babyyyyyy" when she sees one and pats it on the back or on the face. haha. She is very nurturing.

-loves fruit ("APPLE! aka "appo," clementines (she gets excited when she sees one), strawberries and grapes. She hates bananas. She eats tuna like it is going out of style. Of course, she loves candy. What kid doesn't? Specifically fruity candy. Doesn't care for chocolate (just like JJ and I).

-Adores "Mana" aka Grandma Cindy. Still is afraid of "Grandma Nut-Baki" aka Grandma Sue.

-Little Miss Independent at church. Didn't cry when I took her to nursery but prefers to be there without me.
-Learned how to share. Is very sharing with her toys and says "Share!"

-Sits on the chair for timeout and just laughs after she deliberately throws food on the floor.

-Gives funny smiles and fake laughs all the time just to get attention

-Prefers to wear her "nemo" swim diaper just so she can look at herself in the mirror wearing it. Calls Nemo, "Meno!"

-Has major FOMO (fear of missing out). Likes to be the center of attention at home.

-Sleeps through the night! 11 hours! and takes 2 hours nap. HALLELUJAH! no longer a bad sleeper.

-Loves the "pano" aka piano and plays all the time when mom is teaching.

-Her babysitters refer to her as the "easiest kid in the world."(The next baby has a lot to live up to).

-Still likes bath time and bubbles. Hates washing her hair.

-Has become a daddy's girl. Sits at the door when he leaves like a puppy dog yelling "dadda! dadda!"

-Every morning before JJ goes to school she will ask him "Owside?" which means "Take me outside to the park?"

-Is constantly at JJ's side when he is home begging for "Eggo" aka Let it Go and attention or books.

-Favorite books are "Dum, ditty dum ditty dum" the monkey drumming book. Anyything by Dr. Seuss makes her happy.

-Loves the jungle cruise at Disneyland because she gets to see the elephants. Also loves the flying dumbos.

-Chases all the seagulls and pigeons at the beach. Loves running into the water all independently.

-She brought the Book of Mormon to me and said, "Book?" as in "read me this book!"

She knows too many words to write them all down but she is incredibly chatty and conversational.

-She knows how to count to 5 really well, 10 with some help.

-She loves to look at herself in the mirror and in the camera.

-The highlight of her night is brushing her teeth and sucking on the yummy kid toothpaste.

-Likes to do her own thing. Walks down the stairs by herself (aka hates being carried) and takes off to the park whether or not I want to go with her or not!

-Calls and sends text messages. Mostly emoticons...accidentally.

-Loves falling asleep to Mozart "Bubbles" on youtube aka his flute and harp concerto.

-Dances and turns in circles when she hears music no matter where she is.

-If she doesn't like you, she screams, "NO!" and runs away from you.

-Runs quickly. Walks great. Sometimes trips.

-Loves balloons. Loves big kids and hanging out with everyone. Plays hard to get with the boys.

-Besides her blonde hair and blue eyes, she is JJ looks and personality wise. What a lucky girl. She still however is more of a mommy's girl. :) I'll take that.

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