*Visitors and Hollywood Blvd*

My parents came into town a few weeks ago and we had a blast! My mom is such a nut  but so much fun. I think she's fun because she is a nut! We laughed a ton together and explored the city. It was fun to have Preeti here for a few weeks for school. We tried this yummy boba place (Californians LOVE boba). We also shopped the Santa Monica 3rd street promenade. My mom and Preeti loved lululemon but I just loved my Old Navy workout attire !

I got tickets to Jimmy Kimmel 3 weeks before my mom came into town. Unfortunately, we hit traffic and got in line later than we should have. Our place was given away and we were cut off at the doors. It was sad, but it gave us an excuse to do touristy things on Hollywood Blvd.

We checked out Grauman's Chinese theatre. I was crazy how small people's hands and feet were back in the old days.

 We decided we were in the mood for a burger so we walked all over the place looking for Johnny Rockets and we found one!

 My mom had never seen the Santa Monica pier and I was telling her how magical it is. She loves Mitch Albom's book "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" which is set on the S.M. pier. I am obsessed and go probably once a week. I took Bonnie on the merry-go-round. It was fun to have my aunt Julie tag along.

My mom and aunt were excited to see a Zoltar because it reminded them of their childhood.

of course, she had to hug the m and m machine. Chocoholic.

the funnel cake was $9 but worth every penny! Nothing like a good ole' fashioned funnel cake on the pier.

We went to the temple, the holocaust museum together and of course I had to tell her about CRUMB'S BAKE SHOP (considering it is my cupcake obsession place). We also went to the beach and played beach volleyball. It was foggy all day and then it warmed up out of nowhere. 

my parents came to church with us and then left back home. It was a fun few days while it lasted! Always good to see the family.

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