*California....with my toes in the sand*

I decided that since I've gotten behind on my blogging and have way too much to catch up on, that I will just upload pics of recent events and caption them!

BONNIE LOVES "BUBBLES!" aka bath time!

 We are officially DISNEYLAND annual pass holders! Bonnie's favorite thing in the world is "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" on Disney Jr. She went crazy for the show!

Who falls asleep in Cars land? 

Attempting to get a good pic...didn't happen

Bonnie and her buddies!

Playdate to Disneyland with her buds! Lydia, Max and Liam. Her face says it all.

Emperor Zurg ride

all tuckered out

Bonnie loves the slide! She slides down like a pro! All by herself.

We love this view. Her static hair!

Typical weather here. Our street view

Bonnie's 15 month appointment. She hated the shots and the doctor.
 We got to go to Santa Barbara for my first marathon! We didn't want to leave. The landscape was amazing. It was like Cali, Hawaii and Utah all in one. We had a blast on the beach watching the sunset.

I adore this pic
 The pier is quite quaint too. A lot of sailboats and shops.

delicious pumpkin and maple fudge

 How I looked after my marathon. Hammered! It was a crazy race but I loved it and even qualified for Boston. I was happy. :) 3 hours and 23 minutes.

Happy to see these faces at the finish line and at mile 20!
 We got some post race/beach grub and watched the utes get their butts kicked (not really, lost by 1 point). A fun sports bar called, Sharkies. Bonnie loved her first Shirley Temple!

Celebrated Veteran's day at the LA Science center where we saw the space shuttle, Endeavor!

Bonnie and Lydia at the museum

waving "bye" to the spaceship!

Celebrated times with my good friends and UCLA wives in Marina Del Rey at Cheesecake Factory on the ocean.

Enjoyed 80+ degree weather in November. The day Bonnie officially walked!

 Lauren came into town so I took her to Hollywood! Bonnie saw Mickey and minnie and flipped!

nerd alert. Lauren loves HP

of course, Crumbs cupcakes
 We went to Rodeo Drive and shopped. Typical car you'll see. Bugati.

Tory Burch


 Went to Santa Monica pier with Eric and family and Lauren. Ate Pier dogs!

rode the carousel

watched the sunset and snuggled

Got hit in the face for trying to snuggle more

Lauren dancing!
 We went to the Grove in Beverly Hills! Great shops, decorations, food and fun!

that's a real tree

 Took Lauren to LAX. Sad day
 Bonnie went home and sipped out of a straw!
 Earlier that day at Dylan's Candy Bar. Cool place at the Grove.
 Bonnie reading scriptures with me.

more sleeping

and being messy for momma

and bending upside down

and blinging out

hanging with her boyfriend, Hudson

Just being a good daddy

 JJ's family came into town! Six flags!
 Griffith Observatory!

i love this place.

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