*Los Angeles Adventures--Places we love*

Since we've moved here, I feel like I have the worst anxiety because there is SO MUCH to do here and simply not enough time to do it. We decided that we needed to schedule things out.

Bonnie and I have made traditions throughout the week. On Thursdays, we have made a habit out of visiting a different museum (because THURS are the days they are free!) Before the museum, we go to Sprinkles or Crumbs and get a cupcake.

The Hammer museum at UCLA is cool if you're into MODERN art. But, I'm not. Luckily, there was a small section that included French Impressionistic art (Degas, Manet, Monet etc.)

I highly recommend the Holocaust Museum (MOTH) if you're looking for FREE admission and FREE parking. It takes about 2 hours to go through it but it is beyond fabulous. Bonnie was pointing at pictures of children and it was sad that she didn't realize what was going on in them. Sometimes, our children teach us. It made me realize how we should cherish our children and our families.
I loved the part of the tour that talked about how MUSIC played a big part in comforting the Jews on their death marches or while they lined up to go into the gas chambers. It said that everyone would sing to comfort each other in the showers until the last faint voice was heard. Very moving experience. It's difficult to put into words.

 This Thursday, we will probably do the Oscar museum. We will post pics about that when we get them!

We have also made a tradition of going to Beach on Saturdays since that is when JJ is out of school.
Last Saturday, we went to Malibu/Leo Carillo for our ward camp out. It was amazing seeing all the jumping dolphins. I would love to live in Malibu someday (yeah right.....who can afford that?). The coves were gorgeous but the water is ICY! Stay out of it because there are SHARK ATTACKS there quite often. There was one the week before we went! There are so many little boys in our ward. Bonnie is so used to getting beat up on, but she's getting good at playing hard to get! All the boys chase her. haha!

Bonnie and her boyfriend, Hudson. 

 On Wednesdays, we get donuts in the morning and then we go swimming. Donuts and coffee are HUGE in LA! You will see a donut place on EVERY corner. The Coffee Bean is also a big thing. "They validate." haha (SNL--the Californians). But we don't drink coffee so we go for the donuts. My dad used to rave about Winchell's Donuts back in the day so we tried it. I wasn't that impressed. Luckily, around the corner from us is a place called, Primos Donuts. They have the best buttermilk bars I have ever tried. They've been in business for 57 years and they only take cash. They are a little "ma and pa" place and you definitely feel like you're back in the 1950's.

After donuts, we go swimming at the pool.  Between our community and ward, life is awesome! Bonnie has so many little playmates and we have made friends left and right! It's amazing out here.

 Bonnie loves the slides and swings the most! Once in a while, she'll attempt the ropes and such.

On Tuesdays, we like to go thrift store/book shopping. The Goodwill stores out here are AMAZING. I got a pair of Hudson's and Sevens for All mankind for $1. It's not like crappy old jeans, this stuff is legit and new! Keep in mind, LA is about 8 months ahead of UT with the trends. They have Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo shoes galore. Everyone is Hollywood is so excessive so we reap the rewards. We also go book shopping. Bonnie LOVES her books!

There is more to post but I need our other computer to get pics off for that! Up next:

-The 3rd Street Promenade
-Santa Monica Pier



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