*15 months!*

Time flies! My buggabooski is getting so grown up. It's just not fair! She is now a toddler and it makes me happy and sad at the same time. Here are a few updates with her! Scroll down for pictures and videos! 

Bonnie at 15 months

-Recognizes things. Can point to all her stuffed animals when I name them for her. Knows what the temple is.

-Knows how to pray. Folds her arms and bows her head. Sometimes closes her eyes and kneels down.

-Knows animals noises. Her favs are tweet tweet, ruff and moo.

-Her fav book is "mr brown can moo, can you?" She loves making all the noises.

-She does "click, clock" with her to gue to represent a clock

-She says "sssss" for a bee whenever she sees one in a book or her bee baby.

-She knows the color, blue. She can identify colors if we organize them for her.

-She has a fascination with babies still! She walks sober ones with her baby stroller. At goodwill, she wanted to take home two baby dolls but I told her only one. I picked for her.

-People always see her at the store and tell her to have me call them because they want "The gerber baby" in their commercials! She gets told all the time she should be a movie star baby and is on the "best dressed list." 

-Her fav movie is "prince of Egypt." She calls it "Jesus" or "baby" when she sees the icon on Netflix.

-When I sing "hush now my baby," she rocks a doll back and forth and snuggles and burps the baby on the back.

-She always says, " oh, wazzz at/ oh, waaaddat?" It means "what's that" and she point to things she is curious about when she says it.

-She loves playing peekaboo or chasing me around the ottoman in crawling wars/races and playing hide and seek. She laughs and squeals with joy.

-She calls me "dadda" when she is lazy but age calls JJ dadda as well. She is getting into a stage of becoming a daddy's girl.

-She can say a ton if words. Namely. Dadda, mama,  momma, mommy, dog, tweet, moo, tick tock, baba, book, baby, Jesus, bubbles, tree, ear, eye, ow, hoo, boo, beep! Beep! She says for car!

-Loves riding in her pink car

-Hates her crib still. Is napping better. Still nurses 1 time a day in morning.

-Walks along furniture and uses ball bouncer car to push herself around as a walker.

-Has lots of friends but can't keep up because she isn't walking.

-Likes to hit if she feels uncomfortable with someone or something.

-Understands her body parts. Claps hands, wriggles fingers and toes, sticks out tongue. Chatters teeth.

-Still doesn't walk! But she is super close! Late bloomer this one!

-Loves peekaboo and hide and seek

-Mobile. Gets into all the cupboards

-Loves bubbles! blowing bubbles and making bubbles. Also likes bath time.

-Understands "snuggles." Likes to "snuggle wif mama"

Doesn't like a ton of healthy food. Loves veggie stix and cookies, toast, orange juice. Tolerates chicken. Loves strawberries, watermelon and apples

-Hyperventilates with excitement when she sees a picture of something sweet or something sweet in real life. Goes crazy for cupcakes, donuts and cookies (sparingly, of course!). :)

-Still loves the playground and the swings! She loves the saucer swing and she is a big girl when it comes to going down the big slide all by herself. 

Here are some pictures!
Bonnie knows how to get ready for the prayer.

loving general conferenc

veggie stix q tip? why not.

"tweet, tweet!"

Feeding her fascination with balloons. Also, the only kid who can't walk yet! haha

center of the circle at the birthday party

daddy snuggles

saucer swing

reading her mini Book of Mormon

reading again

self taught musician

some days are sad

but she'll usually lighten up and snuggle. Don't mind my dirty mirror. haha
She loves cupcakes if you couldn't tell by her expression

what is bamboo?

Here are some videos!

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