Cali Sweet Cali

Well, we are officially Californians! Can I just tell you how much I LOVE it here? Of course we miss family and friends but there is such an amazing world outside of just Utah (though I love UT and plan to return someday).

This new adventure began on Labor Day. We said our goodbyes and it was a sad time. Cindy and Bonnie have this unique bond and they were both upset during the goodbye time. We also visited my grandma Bonnie and my mom.

 We drove to Las Vegas to break up the drive and it took FOREVER--8 hours! JJ drove the truck and the speed topped out at 75 mph. I drove our new car with Bonnie (no more 50 shades of gray--aka my mazda). Bonnie and I had a blast as we listened to "The Cup of Life" and "Livin' La Vida Loca" loop over about a million times. We also listened to all the Britney Spears albums and Avril Lavigne's old stuff. Bonnie read books the entire time. SHE LOVES BOOKS. She likes movies a little, but she'll take a book over anything. She watched a little bit of "Cars" but she fell asleep fast.

 She also enjoyed dancing and playing peekaboo in the rear view mirror. Her personality is out of this world.
After Vegas, we headed to Cali. I must say, it was the ugliest and longest stretch of freeway I've ever seen! We thought we would stop in Baker and see the world's "largest thermometer" which BTW was not that big and was broken! We decided just to stomach the drive. When we got to the I-405, I knew I wasn't in UT anymore. The traffic was horrendous. However, once we got past the ugly traffic and into our home in Santa Monica, it was all worth it. Needless to say, we can't stay away from the beach which is 10 min. from us. We also have a great community with lots of people our age, play yards and lush surroundings. 

Me stretching on the grass after my long Saturday run at "our beach." We live a few miles east of the Santa Monica pier and some of the best beaches I have been to.

 Our other favorite part of our new home is our surroundings. I stumbled across on of my favorite designer's stores. RACHEL ASHWELL SHABBY CHIC COUTURE! I LOVE her style and her store is to die for. It is just a quaint little place on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica.

 While I was dropping JJ off at school, Bonnie and I took a stroll through Bel Air and Beverly Hills which is just 3.8 miles north of our house. The houses are disgusting! How do people have so much money? It is pretty normal to see Teslas, Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Mercedes C class, BMW M6s etc. Bonnie and I also headed to Rodeo drive and went to Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Dior. I felt like I was in Pretty Woman!
 The sunshine here is fabulous as well. If people ask you what perfect weather/humidity is like, we can tell them. There is a reason it is "Sunny LA." Is is sunny and warm here all.the.time. We live out by the pool.

Food trucks are also big here in LA. Every Tuesday near the Santa Monica boardwalk, a bunch of food trucks congregate. JJ tried a burger from Baby's Badass Burgers (featured on Shark Tank) and it was amazing. It was like $10 though and just for the burger! We got cupcakes after and I was not that impressed but Bonnie had a hey day with it! She got "Tiffany Blue."

 Our family time has become "beach time." There is a lovely playground right on the beach. Heidi Klum is often seen here with her little ones. We have yet to see her though.

While JJ is at school, Bonnie and I have learned to explore. We discovered the Brentwood Country shops which apparently are the #1 places that celebrities go with their nannies and kids during the day. Once again, we haven't seen any but Britney Spears and Jessica Alba come here a bunch during the week. It has quaint little shops, though they are really expensive.

On another note, parking is crazy here! You get nickled and dimed for everything. They know how to rip you off in California! When Bonnie and I went to the fashion distict in downtown LA, we paid 5.00 per hour to park. Taxes are also crazy! If something says 4.00, you will really pay like 5.00 for it. 

Bonnie spends a lot of time in the car and sleeping since traffic can get a little tedious. I had to take this video because she was smiling at me for about 5 minutes straight when she woke up once after a long shopping day!

Another place we have discovered is Runyon Canyon in West Hollywood. It is above Beverly Hills and is also a hot spot for celebrity sightings (yet we haven't seen anyone yet). Matthew Mcconaughey, Gavin Rosdale, Channing Tatum, Joe Jonas, Vanessa Hudgens etc. run here quite a bit. If you look to the left while you're hiking, you will see the Hollywood sign. There are also a TON of gays! I was telling JJ that my gay-dar is off the hook now! I'm great at spotting she-males, gays, lesbians considering it wouldn't be LA culture without them. People are also very vain here and most people have rockin' bodies.

Hollywood sign in background. Hard to tell in this pic. Gigantic homes that have pools galore.

Speaking of LGBT..........
Santa Monica Blvd has a quarter mile strip of just GAY stores. It's quite interesting compared to UT! 

Our typical view driving down the street. Blue skies and palm trees.

We also live near the LA temple. This is where my parent's were married! It's nice to see this on a daily basis.

We feel very at home. We have already began to cultivate many friendships and relationships. We also have great family members down here. Californians for the most part are super friendly (unless you piss them off on the road)! We hung out with a bunch of JJ's classmates at the beach and I couldn't stop raving to them about how much we love our new home.

I also feel like Bonnie is coming into her own here. She has a lot of little playmates. She is so cute lately too! 14 months old tomorrow~!

-She has such adorable maternal instincts and is so affectionate and nurtuting. Lately, she has had an obsessions with BABIES! She can't go anywhere without her baby dolls. I found her rocking her dolls the other day and trying to feed them her bottle.

-She also love to roll balls around, and she talks a lot! Her big words are "baba, dadda, mama, ball, dog, BABY, Jesus, duck, Hi, Bye etc. Then she has her own words like "doo-da, bop" etc.

- She is quite sassy as well but I wouldn't have it any other way!

-She doesn't walk yet but she is really close. She stands and cruises around while holding onto furniture. She is at the stage where she pulls out all of her toys and books as well.

-She loves peekaboo still and opening and shutting doors and cupboards (time to baby proof!).

More adventures to come! JJ starts school tomorrow!

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