August, Anniversary and Anxiety!

August began with us moving. How sad we were to leave our home! We moved to my in-laws for 3 weeks because we can't jet off to Cali until Labor day since that is when school starts. Our lease was up at our apartment and we were devastated to leave Cottonwood Heights! In all my years of moving, I have never felt as at home as I did in CH. I loved the people, I loved the area, I loved swimming everyday with Bonnie, I loved the ward, I loved the convenience of shopping and most of all, I loved having a place to remember raising Bonnie in her first year. Cottonwood Heights is not done with us! When we move back from Cali, we will hopefully house hunt here. :)

I will always remember how much the bug hates her crib from this pic

My sewing corner in Bonnie's room. Loved making pillows while she crawled around in the fabric

JJ's executive corner

We also attended the Haglund Family Reunion up at Solitude Mountain Resort. It was really fun! Lots of hiking, skits, games, fun runs and PEOPLE! 155 Haglunds make up the legacy of Grettle and Richard Haglund. They made running bibs for when people entered the Haglund family.

We have also started Bonnie Blue, inc. We have been under a huge amount of stress! We had 400 necklaces that needed repackaging, quality control, pictures taken, a website up, an instagram and facebook page up etc. We had our first deal featured on the daily deal boutique site, Very Jane. We sold over 200 necklaces in 3 days! We spent a ton of packaging and shipping them off. Doing shipping fulfillment on your own is tough stuff! We succeeded last night in getting all the necklaces ready to ship off!

Our beautiful model, Mckell Vassau

Our beautiful model, Melissa Magleby

We also celebrated our 3rd year anniversary! JJ surprised me with beautiful flowers and sushi at my favorite place...Happy Sumo! We got yummy fro yo after and then stayed at a Marriott downtown! 
He got me a beautiful canvas of our family and I got him a Dodgers shirt. 

Speaking of Dodgers, it's about time they got their act together! How long have they been a huge and expensive market/team with zero results? They are KILLING IT NOW! I am excited to get JJ to cheer for them since he's never really had a baseball team to cheer for. Growing up, I had to choose between the Dodgers (my dad's team) or the Angels (my mom's team). My dad was born in LA and my mom in Orange/Anaheim. I chose the Dodgers long ago and people made fun of me because they have pretty much sucked forever! Ugh, it's about time they figured out their game. I need to get JJ a Ryu shirt considering he's killing it too. We are planning a Dodgers game the 2nd week we arrive! Fun stuff! Perfect timing for them to get good for our sake! 

Throwback to 2011 in Bear Lake....When all the Haglund boys made fun of me for being a Dodgers fan. HA...who is
 laughing now?
August is going to come to a close and I have been training for my half marathon. It's been a killer but I'm continuing with my brutal workouts! Hoping to leave with a bang from the SLC. We'll see. :) Next up, Los Angeles adventures!

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  1. Wow! Brittany, this is amazing! It's so great to see your home and how you've made home home. You are super talented, it has such a nice feel. Next up, your runs are incredible! You are an awesome runner- 6:57 pace for 12 mi? Holy crap woman! How are you doing that, and training?
    Would love to get together with you for lunch before you leave. I miss you!