*Bonnie's Lemonade Stand-1st Birthday*

When I saw the idea on Pinterest, I immediately knew that it was theme I wanted for Bonnie's 1st birthday. I was so ecstatic about doing a lemonade stand because first of all, she LOVES lemons and lemonade. Next, I remember how much I LOVED lemons and citrus foods when I was pregnant with her. Last, it reminded me of her bright and cheerful personality AND it was perfect for her summer birthday. I also wanted it to be a pool party since we have awesome amenities to partake of.

It's hard to believe our baby Bonnie is ONE YEAR OLD!!!

The day started off with Bonnie SCREAMING herself to sleep.....and she only slept 20 minutes before she had to go to her party. Hence, you will notice she is not very smiley in most of her birthday pics. TIRED BABY!

Cindy and I made this lemonade stand the day before. It took a few hours but I think it added an authentic touch to the party.

It was super hot! The food was expiring before our eyes. We had strawberry spinach salad, roast beef/turkey/chicken picata sandwiches, watermelon, caramel apple dip, lemon cookies, potato chips...and endless amounts of all you can drink lemonade.

People put wishes in Bonnie's wish jar

Just woke up! Baby Bonnie LOVES POPPY! He and Grandma Cici got her a pink car!

Drowsy driving

"I've got strawberry, pink, and original."

Like my tutu?

"When does my shift end?"

"Is it time for cake yet?"

"Cake and a car? I'm a lucky girl!"

I made that smash cake. I was proud of myself....haha

Strawberry lemonade cupcakes courtesy of Amberly

She began cautiously.....taking off a lemon head at a time

Then she tried the frosting after JJ cut her a piece

The rest is history.....

She wanted to share with everyone!

Then she demolished her cake and wanted her balloon instead

Then she got spoiled with gifts....after gifts....clothes and clothes and toys and toys

Then we asked her how old she was and she told us (pointing a "1" for one year old)

WE LOVE OUR BONNIE RAE HAGLIENDIAY! Our baby's dark hair fell out, her skin lightened up, her eyes stayed blue and her hair came in a golden/strawberry blonde and her cheeks are as scrumptious as ever...AND she couldn't be more perfectly Swedish. We got our Swede baby and she sure is SWEET too.

Next up......UPDATES on her growth and the lives of the Haglunds.

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