*11 months*

Dear Bonnie,

You are now 11 months and we LOVE your blooming personality. You are quite the sassy girl too! You make everyone laugh around you and we couldn't be happier to have you be the one to come into our home. You are just what we needed.

-You love to open everything. Pantry doors, cupboards, closets.
-You love to climb on everything. Boxes, bookshelves
-You can now stand if you hold onto something. You walk with the help of me and dad
-You are quite the entertainer especially at the dinner table. You scream and sing and make us all laugh

-You are still a water baby. We went to Lake Powell for the first time this year with you and though you hated being in the life jacket all day, you LOVED the beach. You will love living in CALI!
-You like to eat sand...YUCK
-You love to "splash, splash" and being towed around on your back in your life jacket.

 -You understand when we talk to you. words such as "No, uh, uh, sleepy time, Hi, bye, hey, Sweetie, Bonnie, come here, I love you, snuggles, hugs, high five, Where's _____, etc. "
-When I ask you to do things, you listen. You are a very obedient child.
-When I tell you "no" you throw your arms around and let out a fake squeal. You're good at pretending like you're mad when you're not.
-You are an angel sleeper now. You sleep in your crib and you sleep through the night! We did it! :)
 I often find you just chatting to yourself.
-Your words of choice now are "Goi-de-goi-de-goi"
-Your first words were "baby," "dad," and "Jesus." My heart melted when I heard you say those words. You can also say "Hey" and "Bye" and you  are starting to mimic mom and dad's vocabulary.
-You point to Jesus whenever you see a picture of Him.

 -You love babies. When you see babies, baby dolls or your baby cousins you say "baby, baby" over and over.
 -You are a SCREAMER! It is a high pitched scream and you do it when you're excited about something or in a hyper mood.
-You love Sesame street. Elmo and Cookie Monster are your favorite. You love "elmo's world" song.

You're a pro at "Pat-a-cake"
 -YOU LOVE MUSIC. Just like when I was pregnant with you, you dance when you hear it. WITHOUT A DOUBT.
-You enjoy drumming your hands on anything.
-You like to challenge yourself and take things apart or solve puzzles. You got that from dad, not me.

 -You are fascinated with books. I could read books to you all night and you would never fall asleep. You understand when I say "Turn da page?" and you do it.
-Your favorite books are, Daddy's Home, Peekaboo, Remarkably Sparkly Purse and any book that has cardboard pages.
-You love the mirror in your Peekaboo book. You just stare at yourself in it......
-Your fav toys are your "Bonnie bug" because you can drag it around, your light up piano, your light up books, your squeaky Eskimo, your crawl ball, and BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS! (Are those considered toys?)
you read till you fall asleep

-You look so cute when I push your face up so your eyes disappear from your cheeks. You look like a sumo.
 -When I ask you to give me a high five, you do it and say "five" at the same time.
-The cutest thing was when you crawled to dad while he was laying down and went right up to his face and said, "Hey dad!"
-You love "SNUGGLES" and "HUGS" but you don't like "KISSES"--hopefully you'll hate kissing when you're a teen too. ;)

-You are warming up to Grandma Ahlman Nut but you still cry when you see her if mom and dad are with you. You still LOVE grandma Cici.
-You are like my third leg. If I put you down and try to walk away, you attach yourself to me and let me drag you. You are STILL a mommy's girl.

-You LOVED seven peaks. You have a ball on the slides.

-You had the cutest relationship with Benson, your cousin and also Anjali. Funny because you three are considered the "chill cousins."

you have cute relationships with anyone

-You hate getting your diaper changed. You are a drama mama and fake cry.
-You have A LOT of blonde hair with a strawberry tint. It gets out of control when we go swimming or whe you fall asleep.
You can fall asleep anywhere

You love your bath time! BUBBLES!

You love suckers, but sometimes THIS happens.

You're not a dog fan, but you're warming up to them.

 -You want to be a big girl. You throw a tantrum if I try to feed you and you want to drink out of a big girl cup and drive the car. MISS INDEPENDENT.

-Your fav foods are sweet n' salty bars, gogurts, WATERMELON, WATER, wheat bread, quesadillas and potatoes.
-You love to share, especially your food. You laugh your head off when you try to feed me and I make a gross face. Or when I act like cookie monster and say "COOKIES!!!"
-You know how to wave "bye, bye" and "hi."
-You love sweets, just like Daddy. You stole my dark chocolate bar and had a "hey day" with it. 

You are my little water baby who loves to go to the creek and toss rocks.

 I will add to the list, but we sure love our "silly goosy goose, bug, buggabooski, sweet pea, pretty girl!" 



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