April and May 2013

"The story of a wealthy family.....who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them together.
It's Arrested Development."

Yup, the Haglund household is bursting with excitement for the new season. Sunday can't come too soon. You know we have a problem when we've cycled through all 3 seasons five of six times in the past year. We just can't get enough. First it was Gob, now it's Lucille. Love it all.

Other exciting news. It's almost Memorial day! Yay! Summer is almost officially here and it's about freaking time. We go to Lake Powell in 3 weeks. Bonnie and I can't get enough pool time either. We are considered "the regulars" at the pool. Is that good or bad? It's good practice because we will be "the regulars" at Santa Monica beach in a few months. We are also regulars at the Park. :)

 Family news. Hyrum got called on his mission to serve in Oakland, CA speaking FIJIAN! That's a "WTF call" for sure. It seems like yesterday I was giving him wedgies and taking me with me as we banged mannequin heads on the neighbors windows in the middle of the night. Teardrop. He leaves in October.

Steve got called to serve in Villahermosa, Mexico.
We both had our birthdays. I'm 25 and JJ is 28. Yeah, we're old....It's funny how we don't get excited about our birthdays anymore. JJ got a lot of new clothes for school and a new bike to ride around UCLA with. I got new pillows, drapes, lamps. etc. yup, big girl stuff. My mom took me out boutique shopping and for pedicures. Bonnie loved it.

and hated it.......

I'm back into running. Ran a few 5k's in April and May. The Thanksgiving Point one was fun. Tough course but I reached my goal and won some prize money! Third woman overall and first in my age group. I was a happy camper. I am now training for half marathons and hope to run Santa Barbara in Nov. and Boston in April. We'll see.

We went to the tulip festival after. It was breathtaking!

WE also attended the Ancient Life Museum. Bonnie was terrified of the dinos and sharks.

She loves to lift her leg. I laugh my head off.

 My students gave a wonderful Spring piano recital. It was stressful but they all did well. I am sad to leave my students. I have taught some of them for years and years.

JJ and I have launched a business. The paperwork and other crap took us forever but we have our first featured deal in about 3 weeks. I hate modeling but someone had to do it. I consider myself the least photogenic person in the world. My dad's pretty yard helped a bit.

I've stepped out of my comfort zone and have aspired to complete projects around the house. 

Headboard before

Painted trim. Started tufting process

Headboard after

Now, I just gave you all good news. I hate how in social media you only see one side of the story...the good side. SO.... to balance out, here is the bad news.

JJ and I have cavities. Our teeth kill us. We eat way too much sugar. Bonnie rarely sleeps in her crib because she's teething. Teeth SUCK.

I have turned into a lazy mom. My hair is rarely washed and I wear sock buns and no makeup way too much. YUCK.

My car is and will always look like a tornado spiraled through it. I also still drive my multicolored Mazda clunker. I call her "50 Shades of Gray." awe... SHUCK.

I never cook dinner and if I do it's usually chicken. CLUCK.

I need to update Bonnie's growing up next! My baby girl is 10 months old!!

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