*8-9 Months*

Since Mexico, a lot has happened! I need to catch Bonnie up on what she did at 8 months and now what she is doing at 9 months.

8 Months

Dear Bonnie, 
-You touch and scratch everything!

-You roll around everywhere! You get into the dvd's and pull them all out!

-You love to sing and scream, especially when I play the piano

-You love your lullaby lamb and your books
-The only thing that soothes you back to sleep when you wake up at night is the lullaby app

-You finally got on a decent schedule and started to sleep through the night
-You won't sleep in your crib unless you are warmed up to it. I have to play with you with stuffed animals and while the lights are on.
You get crazy hair in the morning

You love your cousins
 -You hate eating food off of a rubber spoon
 -You love Greek yogurt, mashed potatoes, graham crackers and you prefer food that has texture
You like to wear your bib like a cape

You are a chunkster
 -You love the element of surprise and "peekaboo" makes you squeal with laughter
-You are confused with facetime. You try to touch our faces but you don't know why we won't touch you back.
You were a good girl while mom and dad were in Mexico
-You clench and open your fist like your are waving "bye, bye"...but you don't have it quite figured out.

-You are fascinated by jewelry I wear. You enjoy tugging and pulling on it, but especially sucking on it.

9 Months

-You love to pound on the piano. I will stick you on the bench and you'll just play away!

 -You are persistent. You know what you want and you don't stop whining until you get it!
-You love black refried beans with cheese, gogurts, quesadillas, tuna fish and bread with strawberry jam. You hate baby food. You also love anything sweet. You don't mind applesauce or baby cereal.
 -When you don't want something, you push it away with your hand. Sometime you shove it away..You can be a little sassy at times!
 -You have very blue eyes. People that see you tell you they can stare at them all day.
-You have strawberry blonde hair. You also have crazy, feathery hair! You got mom's coloring and dad's looks.

-You are a mommy's girl. You like dad but you LOVE mom.

-You like to give me high 5's. You understand what they are.
-You are incredibly ticklish! You love when I bite you and tackle you.

  -You were the cutest little shabby chic little bo peep for Easter. Your first Easter was a hit.

-Your favorite words are "Hey 'DAH! (sounds like " Hey dad"), "Ow" (you say this word the most), and "Raw" (It sounds like your trying to say "ma" and "raar") and "Yi, yi, yi). You mostly talk jibberish.

-You understand when I talk to you. If I say "Want da boobie?" You know it's time to nurse. (TMI, sorry) 

-You are the belle of the ball at church.

  -You look so cute in your frilly dresses, your fedora, your tutus and even your birthday suit.
 -Your cheeks are like yeast. They grow at night and in the morning. During the day, they are a somewhat normal size.

-You always put your arms up and twist your wrists when you want to be held or when you want more of something.
-You love to pat things. You love to pat the couch and drum on things.

 -You love going to the park and you just discovered how much fun the swings are. You would stay in them all day if I let you.
- You went to the zoo for the first time and you loved the seals.

-You learned how to drink out of your sippy cup by yourself.
-You are Miss Independent. You hate when I try to feed you. However, you love when I try to feed you "wah wah" or water. You light up when you see it. You could drink water all day!
-YOU HAVE 2 TEETH! You were a painful sleeper while they were cutting, but we still love you. You look adorable with them and they help you chew yummier foods than baby food! That makes you a happy girl.

 -You are the easiest baby in the world. I take you with me to teach piano and you just sit and listen. Sometimes you dance and sing.

-No need for toys. You would rather rip away at newspaper or magazines. It entertains you for hours.
-You are the happiest baby in the morning
- You love walking down to feed the horses graham crackers and you always have to be attached to mommy's hip. The horses startle you!

-You have the world's chubbiest legs! Mom's arms are 10.5 inches around and your legs are 11.5 inches around! Mommy loves to bite and gnaw on them...and that makes you laugh!

-We often find you stuck in places. Stuck under the piano bench, the ottoman and even your crib sometimes!

-You are incredibly mobile but you DON'T CRAWL yet. You just like to roll over, sit up, swerve, roll over, scoot, roll over, etc. You can get on your knees but you kind of just sway.
You look so cute in your birthday suit!!

-You love to raise your eyebrows when your happy or confused.

-You are the happiest baby around!

I am sure there is more, but we sure love you our Beautiful Buggaboo!

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