*MeXico PaRt 2*

We went to the ruins at Tulum and I felt like I was in heaven. We got Mayan ruins and the best beach I have ever been to all in the same place! The ruins fascinated me as well and I loved how small the people were back then! You could hardly fit in their tunnels. We had so much fun body surfing on the awesome beach! The water was as clear as can be.

For Dinner we went to Playa Del Carmen and ate delicious pork tacos. They cook it Brazilian style so JJ loved that. The salsa was so spicy, I started tearing up and my nose started running. 

I forgot to mention that the night before, we had an excellent formal dinner. They literally brought out our food at the resort on a silver platter. The pina colada, salmon and creme brulee were to die for as well. 

Our trip was a success until our plane ride home. Due to tornado warnings in Atlanta, we got diverted. To avoid landing in Atlanta, delta decides to land an international flight from cancun in Jacksonville which is an airport with no customs! They call the cruise ship people to come and check us in makeshift style. 3 hours on the tarmac with no food and drink, 3 hours waiting to go into customs in a "holding area". No food vouchers!! 2 hours to get us to a crap hotel. 8 hours from cancun to Jacksonville for us! We ate nasty food at the Waffle House since nothing was open when we got to our hotel.

 However, they made up for their mistakes. They gave us $100 in vouchers and set me up with a ticket in first class. JJ however had to sit back in coach. 

The icing on the cake was seeing Bonnie! It was the best feeling in the world to hold and love her again! She was so happy to see us as well. 
Also, JJ so far has been

accepted to GEORGETOWN and UCLA's 


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