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JJ and I just returned from our well over due babymoon to Mexico and it was way more amazing than I imagined it to be! 
I spent three days packing myself, packing Bonnie's stuff, cleaning and doing laundry. It was a major production! The hardest thing in my life was leaving Bonnie for the first time. I took her to my mom's house and just held her and rocked her. I couldn't let her go or I would have a major breakdown. Finally, JJ told me that unless I just ripped off the bandaid, we wouldn't make it to the airport in time. I did just that and my heart sank as I left her sleeping in her pack n' play. 

The flight was good. We just took Nyquil and that sedated us! Flying into Cancun was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The water was so clear and had hues of aqua and seafoam green.

When we landed, it was raining so we knew we would have no beach time. While waiting at the airport for a shuttle, I was amazed at the culture shock I was experiencing. From the moment you get off the plane, you have about 100 Mexicans hounding you to buy a beer or soda, a tourist attraction or take their shuttle. I immediately felt like I was far from home.

The first few days we stayed in Cancun by the airport. We took the shuttle to the Cancun coast and ran along the beach at night after it had rained. It was gorgeous. JJ and I were in utter shock that a place could be so beautiful.
 After our run, we walked to downtown where all the shops are. We were in search of delicious tacos. We found a place called The Taco Factory and it was super fresh! If you love Mexican food, GO TO MEXICO. Cafe Rio and Rubios have nothing on it. 

We also loved the soda because unlike here, it is made of sugar cane. JJ loved his Fantas but I lived on Diet Cokes or "Coca Light since I was trying to avoid sugar to fit into my swimsuits." At the restaurant, I felt so bad for the waiter. He stood at the edge of the store (it was outdoor) trying to lure in tourists and the restaurant was pretty much empty. The food was super cheap since the peso is pretty much worthless so we decided to give him a 40% tip. Mexicans are such hardworking people. We were hoping to put a smile on the boy's face and I think it worked. 

The second day, we went to the famous Chichen Itza. That was the entire reason JJ wanted to go to Cancun in the first place. We rented a car and ventured out on the 2 hour drive inland. I think this part was the absolute most humbling experience for me because it got us away from the tourist areas and sent us into legit Mexico.

On the highway far from any villages there were people riding bikes with baskets or they were walking. They were in tattered clothes and some had no shoes on. These people were gathering wood and filling up their bike baskets with it. You could also see that they gathered types of plants as well. I got a little emotional when I saw a mom with two young babies no older than six walking barefoot back towards Chichen Itza. The kids were carrying wood. Driving through the town was weird too. There were stray dogs everywhere and it was a total dump. It made the worst parts of SLC look good! 

Once we got to Chichen Itza (after paying $30 for a toll road!), we decided to give ourselves the self guided tour because we didn't want to pay $75/person. LDS people like us believe that this was what ancient America looked like when Christ came to the Americas to visit the Lamanites. It is what we read in the Book of Mormon. 

The biggest temple was spectacular though you couldn't walk inside of it. The LDS tourist told us that ancient prophets like King Benjamin would stand on the top and preach to the people and it would echo like crazy so everyone could hear it.

 We also saw a cenote which is an underground cave where they would throw bodies or sacrificial remains. We walked through the stadium as well where they played sports. The Mayans were ahead of their time because they built the walls with stones as such to make echoes bounce off of each other. They also had an astronomy building with a round top resembling a telescope.

 My favorite part was when the LDS tour guide told us that there were carvings everywhere of a white bearded God who came to see them who descended from the sky. He said when the Aztecs (other Lamanites) saw Cortez, they thought it was Jesus Christ because he had long dark hair, a beard and was white. There was also a temple made up of 2,000 pillars called The Temple of the Warrior. It is believed to resemble Helaman's 2000 stripling warriors. JJ and I didn't want to leave. There was such a fascinating feeling there. 

The third day, we headed an hour south to stay at our resort in Akumal. It was an all inclusive resort right on the beach. We lived it up! Laying out by the pool and the beach and drinking endless amount of virgin pina coladas and strawberry daquiris summed up our experience on the first day.

At night, we went to see karaoke which was in the bar. It was the funniest thing we have ever seen. A bunch of drunk and tone deaf people acting like idiots while we, the only sober ones knew what was going on. This one kid got up and as monotone as they came, sang Billy Jean. JJ and I were rolling on the floor. I was crying my eyes out! These English people next to us said to us in an accent "I need another drink after that! Need one?" haha! So great. Then there were these French Canadian women who were trying to be all sensual but they sounded literally like drunk dying cows. Our resort was crawling with crazy Canadians! It was such a good time! I almost got up to sing but they had too many people on the list! I was bummed! I reminded me and JJ that we still have a little goofiness in us....oh, and that watching drunk people sing karaoke is super fun but being sober is probably more fun. haha! 

The fourth day, we thought we had enough of a base tan so we decided to stay outside all day with very little sunscreen and in my case, MAUI BABE BROWNING LOTION.
 Ah, We got so burned. We were on fire. JJ's back got fried. Every 5 minutes he would ask me to put aloe vera on his back and without a doubt when I saw his back, I would laugh my head off! JJ got so pissed off at me and would say "It's not funny, Brittany! it hurts!"

 It just reminded me what idiots we were to think we would get brown the second day at the resort. We spent the night putting towels with cold water on our backs and we loaded up on nyquil to help us sleep through the night cause we were in pain!!

On the fifth day, We played beach volleyball in the morning and chilled at the resort. Later on, we got sick of the resort so we went exploring. We found this amazing beach called, Playa Akumal. We snorkeled and took fun pictures and we saw sea turtles! We also tried this yummy taco place. I got shrimp tacos. We also watched an amazing sunset. 

On the sixth day, we decided to try out a different beach since the one at our end of the resort was so incredibly windy. We headed to the Gran Bahia Principe Akumal. The water was crystal clear. You could touch the fish! 

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