*Business School Decision*

It feels like it has been a never ending process. Since before JJ and I were even engaged, he has been talking about his desires to get an MBA at a top 25 school. It has been his dream for as long as I have known him.

 We hit some pot holes along the way. I took longer than I expected to get through my piano degree. He waited for me. He applied to USC and Georgetown last year and got wait listed. We then got pregnant with Bonnie so postponing only made sense.

 However, JJ met his goal! He has accomplished this task but it didn't come easy. It took years of preparing, studying for the GMAT and taking it twice, working hard at his job, gaining experience internationally and domestically with internships, saving money to fly and travel around the country, writing endless amounts of essays and interviewing at many schools.

We needed to time to experience hardship and mature together both as individuals, as partners and most importantly as parents. Timing is everything and we are ready for this new adventure.

What did we choose out of....
UCLA--Hollywood/Westwood, CA (L.A)

Georgetown--Washington, D.C.

USC (University of Southern California)--Los Angeles



Our decision was UCLA! It just makes sense for our family! It also is well ahead of Georgetown and USC in the rankings and the costs are comparable. UCLA is a top 15 business school! I am so proud of JJ for accomplishing his goal cause he is such a hard worker!

I have been begging JJ to get me out of the snow too so living 5 miles from the Santa Monica pier and having Beverly Hills and Rodeo drive as my backyard is like a dream come true! I am slightly obsessed with the entertainment industry and Hollywood so Bon Bon and I will have lots of fun down there on our shopping dates!

 We will also be able to see the Utes every year since UCLA is in the Pac 12 as well! We are close to family and Disneyland too!

Can't wait for the upcoming adventures for the JJ and Brittany Haglund Family! 

This is Bonnie Blue, as happy as can be!

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