It seems that between July and December, I didn't get much blogging done. For those of you who actually read my incredibly long posts, I think you understand that I use this pretty much as a journal for myself (though not as personal as my actually journal). 

That being said, I need to update on our trip to Phoenix with my fun parents.

Wearing her "take me somewhere fun" onesie

We jetted out on September 11, 2012 (creepy, right?) and at the airport, we lost about an extra 45 minutes because I got held up at security. They thought I had a bomb in my phone (which ended up being spilled baby formula..haha). 
I basically got molested by TSA. They seriously touched me in every area! It was super uncomfortable and that fact that like a million people were watching me made it even worse. I not only looked like a criminal, but I was being groped at the same time.  Happy Patriot Day to me! Thanks a lot Al Queda. 

Bonnie tuckered out from the flight

"Whatcha want? I am exhausted!"

Once we landed in Phoenix, we rented a sexy mini van and headed straight to my favorite place in the world......LAST CHANCE! For those of you who are amateur shoppers (hehe), Last Chance is like two tiers below Nordstrom. So they have like Jimmy Choos, Jessica Simpson, Pickle Petunia, Asics, Oscar De La Renta etc. for like 90% off and I freaking go crazy every time I go in that store! It is so bad that people get in fights over stuff. I watched a full on chick fight where a girl wrestled another girl and pulled her hair over a pair of running shoes. It was quite entertaining! 

After shopping, we headed to our POSH hotel (thanks to my dad who is the Marriott points KING!) The pool was so RESORT-TY. It reminded me a lot of the Maui Marriott. It had a bridge, waterfalls, a water slide, a volleyball net, a bar, about a million hot tubs that were scattered everywhere (the pool was built into a mountain side). Needless to say, we just chilled basically the entire day by the pool all day, everyday. It was also the first time Bonnie went in a swimming pool. She was 8 weeks old. She was a natural water baby.

The hotel also included an awesome breakfast buffet so I probably gained like 5 lbs that week. 

Grandma Nut giving Bonnie a bath after pool time

Just relaxing in the shade

Probably my favorite part of the pool was the waterslide and the underwater window where you can take goofy pictures. My parents took some adorable pics!

for precious!

My mom and I totally grated on my husband and dad's nerves cause we talked about the Kardashians, clothes, weight and celebrity gossip the entire time! 

We went to dinner at yummy places. We tried this great sushi place called, KA that was near ASU. Though amazing, it was super expensive and JJ was so hungry after we left, that he bought a huge slice of pizza at the restaurant next door. 

We also loved the Dillards outlet! I bought the cutest black dress there. 

 We also went on beautiful walks and runs around the grounds. There were a lot of wild bunnies. The hotel in Tempe also sat next to a big and beautiful baseball field which is apparently where the pros practice and where they have spring training for baseball teams around the country. Seeing the field made me and JJ hungry for a baseball game.

We called up Kelsi and Colin Barber and met them at Chase field to watch the Arizona D-backs get killed! We also watched lovely fireworks as we ate hot dogs. It was a nice way to wind down the rest of summer. 

There's no crying in baseball!!

Overall, the trip was great! My parents are so young at heart so I love any time I can spend with them! 

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