*January and Superbowl Sunday*

On my most recent post, I basically complained about January being a crap month. Well, the fun parts of the month were recorded in pictures. So, here are a few. 

Bonnie wearing shoes for the first time and dancing on the table 

Bonnie watching football with mommie

The inside of our car froze and JJ had to scrape ice off the inside of his windshield

We decided to escape all the nasty smog and head up to the Park City condo for a quick day trip. It was during Sundance so we avoided Main Street, but we got one of my favorite pictures of all time. 
My Kardashian baby and her non-swimmer diaper filled with water. I love the fact she has a mohawk and is sticking her tongue out too. Too perfect. This is going in her yearbook.
My handsome husband chilling with Bonnie bug in the hot tub/heated pool
We live in the freaking tundra

Just catching up on emails

February has been super fun so far. Superbowl Sunday was a blast. It was a house divided that day because JJ wanted the ravens and I wanted the 49ers. Either way, we got to eat a lot of good food and I made some yummy chocolate dipped strawberries and almond shortbread cookies.

We also enjoyed a nice family outing to City Creek where we ate at Cheesecake factory, shopped, and watched the fountains. 

Bonnie was terrified of Archie! She cried if he just looked at her. SO FUNNY 


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