*7 months of Perfection*

In the bible, doesn't the number 7 mean "perfect?" Well, I am pretty sure the last 7 months with Bonnie have been nearly perfect. Here is what is new with her.

7 months 

-She loves to listen to me sing. She loves to listen to songs as well! Her favorite songs are anything by Fun, Of Monsters and Men, Bob Marley, Lumineers and Imagine Dragons. She also loves primary songs and nursery rhymes.

-She is fascinated with books. She enjoys the books that have textures because she is very textile!

-She always finds a way to get her little fingers on something so she can experiment with the texture of the fabric whether it be a shirt I have on, carpet, the leather couch, the cotton sheets or a fuzzy blanket.

-She has learned to use her pincer grasp. She can sit all day in her high chair practicing picking up things.

-She loves to eat honey nut cheerios, bread, carrots and applesauce. More often than not, the food ends up in her lap or in her high chair because she would rather play with it than eat it.

-She always makes noises when she sips whether it be from a bottle, sippy cup or nursing. She goes "n'n'n'n'n'n'n'." She sounds like a Muslim in meditation.

-She is sitting up all by herself! I will put her on the piano and she'll just sit on the bench and bang away. Like mother, like daughter.

-Her hair is sometimes really dark and sometimes really blonde! It has a mind of its own.

-Her eyes are as blue as they come. They are here to stay

-She gets really excited when she sees me and she is sitting in her car seat. Whenever I walk around to get her, I can see her squirming and hyperventilating with excitement in the window. When I open the door she is kicking, smiling and squealing! It is the best part of my day!

-She will fall asleep in any position.

-Her favorite toys to play with are her electric piano, her vtech crawling ball, her vtech talking book, her  light-up electric bug and MY PHONE and LAPTOP! Yeah, I'd say she loves technology!

-We took her to Planet Play and she couldn't stop staring at all the pretty light-up games and she loved the merry-go-round.

-She is turning into a Daddy's girl. A month ago, she would cry when JJ took her from me but now she gets excited every time he walks in the room or in the door from work.

-My favorite outfits she wears are her dresses. Her yellow sunshine dress, her red rose valentine's day dress, her purple polka dot dress with purple lace leggings, her cupcake socks from the Children's Place, her jeggings, her marshmallow, her brown and pink polka dot dress with her pink sweater and anything else that is pink.

-She loves to teach piano with me. All my students complain when I don't bring her. They always say "We love you, but we love that baby of yours more than you!"

-She is still rolling over like crazy. My favorite moment of her rolling over was when I was playing the piano and she rolled under the piano bench and scared me. She then continued to roll into the piano pedals so she could touch them.

-She has learned to open and close her hands when she sees others doing it. It is almost as if she is ready to wave "bye, bye" but she hasn't totally figured it out.

-She gets a lot of attention at church. People always want to hold her or smile at her. We sit in the front during sacrament and we often find the people behind us are laughing because Bonnie is smiling or making goofy faces at them.

-She often scream while she is watching sports

-If you want to make her laugh, you need to be really loud. She will only squeal with excitement if you are acting just as excited. That way, she feels more comfortable to be goofy.

-She is the WORST SLEEPER! Some nights she sleeps through the night but most nights she wakes every hour.

-When she wakes up, she can't be cold. We have to make sure she is nice and swaddled. She also won't cry it out! She will cry all night if we let her! We try to have her cry it out for 40 minutes before we go in and try to make her happy. JJ has the magic touch with rocking her to sleep while I need to nurse, sing to her and rock her back to sleep.

-Sometimes if I can't get her to calm down, I will take her outside at 3am in the cold and she will just look around at the beautiful snow and listen to the quiet night. That usually does it.

-You need to be standing with her when she fusses. She won't let you sit down with her so that always makes us really tired.

-I fed her eggs once and she broke out in hives. I learned my lesson that babies can't eat egg whites, only egg yolks. I felt like the worst parent ever.

-Her nails grow so fast! She is always scratching her forehead unless I cut them everyday.

-She gets the funniest bedhead! Her hair is getting long. She has this reverse Alfalfa sprout look going on. Her hair is super long in the front on top and shorter in the back. She also gets hair sticking out above her ears on the sides.

-She loves to drink water out of a cup. Never drink out of the same cup as her. It is floaty central.

-She is a "faker." She loves to fake cry and it sounds like she is coughing, laughing and crying at the same time!

-She is in the best mood in the mornings. Always wakes up with a smile on her face.

-When she eats, she stores all of her food in her cheeks like a hamster! I never know if she has swallowed her food so I have to make her laugh or smile so I can see how much food is in there still!

-She loves to chew on paper or rip it up. A vacuum is the greatest invention because she will put ANYTHING in her mouth.

-She loves In n' Out. Fries and fry sauce are her favorite. We took her to Market Street Grill and she loved the sourdough bread and parsley potatoes. She also drank a ton of my mango lemonade. Let's just say this baby can't have much sugar or she's hyper.

-If she is sitting in my lap and I am talking, she will turn her head almost all the way around, look up at me and give me a sweet stare.

-She doesn't seem to really like dogs. She breaks out in hives whenever we get near them, or she will get scared and burrow her head into my chest.

-She loves to suck on her thumb but mostly she will suck on anything

-She is the chunkiest baby you will ever meet. I have a hard time not actually biting her cheeks and legs off everyday. She is SCRUMPTIOUS!

-She is very needy still, though she is growing out of her stranger anxiety. She really loves to be held by blonde women and any man. If Cindy or my mom holds her, she freaks. But if my blonde sisters hold her, she is calm. It might be because she associates them with me and my blonde hair. When she gets babysat and is freaking out, the second one of my brothers-in-law or brother holds her, she calms down. SHE LOVES MIKE!

-She seems very drawn to horses. When I take her on walks to the stables down from our house, she will squeal and laugh just by looking at the horses.

-She loves it when I say "Ooga booga" and "Hey Sweetpea....whatcha dooooin?"

-She loves snuggling with me in my bed and she also loves hot tubbing

I'm sure there is more. JJ will have to help me!

My mom always told me her favorite age was 6 months but I beg to differ. 

7 months has been a lot of fun for us! Her personality is in full swing and she is ready to cut her teeth and perhaps crawl soon!

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