*Life is Good*

Do you all remember on my last post how I was raving about 2013 being the best year (hopefully)?

Well, I should have knocked on wood because January has been "a living hell" to put it bluntly. It started out with the crazy weather and freezing temperatures which escalated into Bonnie getting RSV and 2 ear infections, which escalated into a never ending cough etc. The horrible smog trapped all the germs in so Bonnie has been sick literally all month. On top of that, she is teething so that makes for a fun baby and not an ounce of decent sleep for us as her parents. ( AND SHE POOED ON THE CARPET!)

On top of that, I have been working my butt off for the past 3-4 months by running a lot and watching my calories RELIGIOUSLY. Guess what? I can't lose one.single.pound. How depressing is that? I know what I am doing too and I've always had an easy time losing weight (I am even a certified personal trainer...so I'm not stupid). 

I talked to another personal trainer and he said that breastfeeding melts off all your weight except for the last 10 lbs. and that comes off when you stop breastfeeding. uh, really? I believe it! It has been the biggest challenge to lose the last bit of weight! I have just thrown in the towel and have come to realize that I won't be a stick in Cancun when we go in March. Welp, not the end of the world.


To add on, we've basically emptied our bank account with car repairs and MBA application fees and MBA travel. Super fun right? I have even picked up a ton of extra piano students and somehow this month, we totally ran out of money which has never happened to us! 

SO! As you can see, this month has blown. The crap weather has just made things worse.

Okay, I'm done venting and now I'm going to be positive cause tomorrow is FEBRUARY! The month of love, hearts and cherubs!

I need to tell you all that life is good. I have so much to be thankful for. I really am one spoiled girl. Sometimes we hit rough patches though and this month was one heck of a rough patch! Regardless, I am very happy! It is times like these that humble us and make us realize that we need to thank Heavenly Father for what he has given us.

So to counter out all the bad, here is the good!
-JJ has received interview invitations to 3 different schools thus far! 





-Bonnie is better and sitting up by herself, smiling and laughing like crazy, picking up food and feeding herself

-I have increased my running speed and am ready to compete again. I feel very strong (thanks to pilates too). 

This is me a happy girl

-There were blue skies today and the sunset was amazing. 

-We go to Cancun next month!!!

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