*Christmas, New Years and New Beginnings!*

Looking back at the 2012 year puts a smile on my face. I feel like it has been one of our best years to date! Though we had our fair share of problems and I had my fair share of health issues, we ended the year with a she-bang! We had a baby who has made our lives a million times better. I also graduated, gave my senior recital, got really close to both of my families, JJ got promoted TWICE and that came with a pay raise, we moved out to the beloved east bench of the valley and JJ's brother Mike returned home from his mission! What an amazing year for us! The one thing that got us down is Mitt Romney lost the election, but other than that....LIFE IS GOOD.

 Like I said, we ended the year with a she-bang! 

Christmas Eve, we braved the crazy snowstorm and went to the Belgium Waffle Inn to get a yummy brunch. The restaurant is only 3 miles from our house and it took us 45 minutes to get there....but it was SO worth it. We also met Santa Claus and Bonnie LOVED HIM!

I also played the piano (Silent Night) in church and JJ spoke. Before our meeting, we went to visit my grandma Ahlman who is mute and pretty much blind. I am so happy we did it. I was able to get a FOUR GENERATIONS picture. 

The major Christmas present I got for JJ was an antique desk built in 1945. I found it on KSL for 20.00 and spent 10 days and 14 hours hand sanding and staining it! I love how it turned out and so did he. He feels much more "executive."

Christmas morning we flew out to SoCal and spent Christmas day and the day after in Disneyland. Bonnie LOVED Disneyland! She was so fascinated with  the Aladdin theatre, the tiki room, the fireworks, the water fountain show (where they project pictures onto the water), and the Play Parade (where they have a parade of all the pixar/disney characters). It was such an amazing way to spend Christmas. JJ's family is also a lot of fun! Having Mike back was a blast because he just seemed to make us all laugh until we cried with his dry humor. I would spend the holidays in Disneyland every year if I could! 

 After our time at Disneyland, JJ's family headed down to La Jolla (San Diego) and took Bonnie. JJ and I took a day and went to Universal Studios in L.A. and it was AWESOME! We got to see the "Grinchmas" and studio sets where all the movies are made. It was freezing though!

Who-ville and meeting the Grinch for Grinchmas! (Don't mind my hideous mom shorts! It's a LONG story!)

While it took JJ's family 4 hours to get down to San Diego (due to horrible L.A. traffic) JJ and I made it down there in less than 2 hours thanks to Universal Studios...we missed that traffic! 
I love La Jolla! I would love to live their someday, though it was a little rainy. We visited the La Jolla Cove beach, Sea World (where Bonnie fed sea lions and was fascinated with the dolphins) and my favorite....Coronado Island. 

Our trip was amazing to say the least. We came home all rejuvenated and ready to start a new year. We spent New Year's Eve taking family pictures, playing "Dance, Dance" with my family and we went to Training Table. The day after New Year's, my sister Haley went to the M.T.C.! She is going to Bahia Blanca, Argentina and is learning to speak Spanish! We are so proud of her...Hermana Ahlman.

2013 thus far has been wonderful for us. JJ started his new and higher position at his job and I have a full house of piano students! Best.job.ever. I set my schedule, my pay and I choose my students. I love it. JJ has also applied to 7 different business schools and has already received invitations to interview. He has worked so hard between studying for the GMAT, moving up at work, and writing essays. I love my smart husband. 
 Though I work....I am still a full-time mom! Bonnie turned 6 months old TODAY! My, how time flies! I now know the meaning of sleep deprivation. Babies are hard work...but SO worth it. 

Bonnie at 6 months

-She loves putting her fingers in our mouths and playing with our faces. Whenever I nurse her, she sticks her fingers in my mouth and laughs while I act like I am biting her fingers. 

-She enjoys watching football with daddy. 

-She is mesmerized by Baby Mozart and she pretends like I don't exist when it's on! I get so jealous of that stupid movie! She acts all independent while it's on. 

-She loves her pink saucer and she would play in it all day if I let her. She bites on all of her little trinkets on it. 

-She rolls over like crazy. One minute she is on her tummy and the next she has rolled halfway across the room and is lying on her back. 

-She loves tummy time now and puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. On Christmas, she could care less about the toys and gifts we got her...she just wanted to put the wrapping paper and boxes in her mouth. 

-She laughs and smailes at everything I do. She is SUCH a mommy's girl. We are definitely two peas in a pod. If JJ is holding her, she will cry if she sees me and she realizes I am not the one who is holding her. 

-She loves bath time and sits in her bumbo while the warm water covers her. She loves to have me with her in the bath so she feels safe. 

-She enjoys sticking her tongues in and out and makes funny faces all day long. 

-My favorite outfits of hers are her Ralph Lauren pink footed onesie from Auntie Lauren, her footed onesie with roses all over it and a rose bib, her velour pink rose outfit with her pink velour rose beanie, her jeggings, and of course she looks adorable in her diaper. 

-She hates baby food but loves carrots and sometimes mashed bananas. She is pretty picky though and prefers being nursed. She will occasionally take a bottle. 

-She is incredibly needy during this stage. She LOVES to be held and she LOVES attention! I feel like I can never get anything done cause she will whine until she gets what she wants. 

-She hates her crib. Her favorite thing is to fall asleep cuddling with me in my bad. Don't worry, I won't let that bad habit occur. 

-She has SO MANY ROLLS!!!!!!!! SHe is the cutest little thing when she is naked. 

-She still falls asleep in cars but not as much as she used to

-Grandpa Haglund "Poppy" has the magic touch and he can soothe her. 

-She loves "peekaboo" and "pattycake"

-She got RSV and has a horrible cough. She had to go to the doctor. Last week we stayed up all night because she would not sleep due to 2 ear infections. 
-We have been staying home from church with her so she doesn't get sick. 

-She loves to come with mommy to teach piano and she sits there and smiles while enjoying the beautiful music. 

-She talks and sings A LOT. literally, she is making noises ALL DAY....unless she is sleeping. 

-She is camera shy. She always knows when you are video taping her or trying to take a picture. 

-She loves to come with mommy and daddy down to the gym and she looks in the mirrors. 

-I have to hold her on my hips while I am doing Insanity because she hates watching and just wants to participate. 

-Her eyes are STILL blue. Her hair keeps getting more golden brown.

-She loves her bubblegum amoxicillan medicine. 

-Her favorite thing is touching her nose to mine and smiling. 

-While nursing, she will turn her head away from me and see what is on the T.V. every 5 seconds. 

-She will eat anything sweet. She loves eating syrup off my finger. 

-SHe has a little eczema due to the cold weather and we have to constantly put eucerin on her face. 

-She plays with my neck while she's nursing. 

-She can almost sit up by herself. She has very strong abs! She will probably be sitting up completely with no support in a few weeks!

-She loves to howl in church and she turns heads in sacrament. 

-Everyone tells her how "beautiful" she is and what "blue eyes" she has. 

-She loves being kissed all over and she laughs when I bite her tummy lightly or gnaw on her feet. 

-She has had really bad diarrhea since she's been sick so dad has been awesome at changing her diapers! :)

-She is fascinated with my phone. I constantly have to sanitize it cause she'll stick it in her mouth every second. 

-She loves being toasty and wrapped up in her little marshmallow car seat snuggler. 

-When she's tired, she will rub her eyes and burrow her head into your shoulder or chest. 

-She doesn't mind that I bite her chunky legs, cheeks, and chubby little hands. I also bite her armpits and lick her neck! haha. That is how you get her to laugh so hard that she squeals. 

-While we're eating, she has to feel like she's apart of the family by sitting in her bumbo ON THE TABLE. 

-While I type on the computer, she tends to push all sorts of buttons and she constantly deletes what I am typing (like just now). 

-She laughs like crazy when I bounce up and down with her in my arms 
while saying, "A-naw-naw-naw, u-na-na-na."

-She scratches everything. She loves the sound of her fingernails on fabrics, my SKIN, and the netting on her pack n' play

-She loves to arch back and stick her fingers up JJ's nose and play with his beard while saying "ah-awwwww"

-she has discovered that her hands close and open

-She went to Disneyland, the beach, and Seaworld for the first time in her life in December 2012. 
Cindy got her this cute personalized Minnie Mouse hat is Disneyland. It's her favorite. 

-She loves any type of stuffed animal, but she would rather chew on the paper tag that comes with it. 

I am sure there is more. We have loved these 6 months with our "Bon Bon!"

My! How they grow in  such a short time. She's growing up too fast. I love my beautiful  Bonnie Rae.

As for the 2013 year, this is what we get to look forward to (since 13 is my lucky number): 

-Moving (again) and going off to business school

-Going to Cancun in March (what we were supposed to do last May for my graduation present). 

-Having Bonnie's FIRST birthday and watching her dig into a cake. 

-Getting back to my pre-pregancy weight (I have 6 lbs to go!)

-Running a bunch of 5k's again

-Learning "La Campanella"

-Getting house projects done around our house


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