5 months

I have horrible about updating Bonnie's development and I haven't done it since she was 2 months...so here you go. FIVE MONTHS OLD! Where does time fly?

-She loves attention. She is just like her mommy! If you don't give her attention, she will squeal and fake whine until you do.

-She gives a shy smile when you look at her and puts her hands up by her face and turns away

-She sings ALL THE TIME! She can make an alarm go off. She is LOUD!

-She often has this concerned look on her face

-She usually also always has a big smile on her face.

-Her laugh is the cutest thing ever. I wish I could explain it

-She was the cutest elephant for Halloween

-She got her ears pierced at 3 months old and barely cried

-She needs to be supported if she wants to be in a sitting position

-She has to be sitting up so she can look around

-If she cries, you have to stand up with her and walk around. She won't let you sit down with her

-If she is having a tantrum, she loves to be soothed outside in a blanket...in the cold....and in the dark. She loves nature! She can care less if it is snowing or freezing.

-She loves watching, The Last Unicorn, Little Einsteins, Baby Einstein and Baby Mozart. They seriously mesmerize her

-She enjoys board books but only if you do voices in different pitches and if you read it fast. She gets bored easily

-If you place her hands on the table, she will naturally curl up her fingers into a pianist position

-She loves anticipation and the element of surprise. She gets really excited when I creep towards her while making scary noises and raising my clawed hands in the air....then I attack. SHE LOVES the attack! She laughs like crazy

-She is very ticklish in her rolls and under her double/triple chin. She has more "chins" than a chinese phone book!

-She loves bath time. Mommy likes to fill up the bath with really warm water then place her on her back. She always makes a funny noise that sounds like a wimpering/hyperventilating dog.  "ih, ih, ih ih!"

-She loves to go hot tubbing with mommy as long as she is in one of daddy's t shirts so she is protected from the cold when she gets out!

-She just started baby food. Her favorite to eat is carrots! She ate almost an entire jar her first time. I love that she ate so much, it turned her skin orange.

-She has very blue eyes and a lot of golden brown/blonde hair. People tell us that in person, she has the features of a porcelain doll. She is very petite and fine featured.

-She is a CHUNK! She weighs 15.5 lbs and weighs a size 2 in diapers. She is currently in the 50-75 percentile for weight but she looks a lot bigger than that!

-She has michelin rolls all over her. Her legs and butt are PURE cottage cheese! Dimple city! The cutest thing in the world is getting her out of the bath and seeing her dimply bum bum.

-She loves to stand up on her sturdy legs. Trying to make her sit down Indian style is kind of a hassle

-People have referred to her wrists as "rubberband wrists" because she has rolls that go over her hands from her wrists!

-She LOVES to laugh. I have never met a happier or more smiley baby. People always make her smile and it is only because she loves everyone! She is a very social baby and thrives the most when she is around people. (They don't know that....I just act like she likes certain people to make them feel better when reality she loves em all).

-She can roll from her stomach to her back but she hates it. She hates tummy time for longer than 10 minutes.

-She will chew on anything and reach for anything and will put anything in her mouth! She loves sucking on soft, plush toys and teether rings.

-She is teething. She drools like crazy and her sleep schedule has become a nightmare! She has to be soothed by nursing when her gums are sore. She won't take a binky or anything else.

-She is a thumb sucker! We knew it would happen, I mean it shows her sucking her thumb at 20 weeks in the ultrasound...

-She is starting to suck on her feet. If she can't find anything else, she'll pull her feet up and aim for her toes

-She kicks up a storm. You think she would be thinner

-She likes to experiment with her tongue

-She looks the cutest in her santa dress, shabby chic Kirtland signature purple and pink rose sleepers, her lace romper from aunt Kathy and her adorable pink and white sweater outfit with her beanie on from Lenora Brown. She also looks cute in mommy's vintage yellow lace/cotton dress with a crocheted neckline.

-If she is nursing and she falls off, she'll get really upset and frustrated with you and she'll make you place her back on to latch.

I'm sure there is more, I'll have to add later.

-She loves when you sing to her. Between my mom and I, we have made up plenty of songs for her.

Bonnie Bug by Brittany Haglund

She's my Bonnie Bug, she's my Bonnie bug
She's got beady eyes, itty bitty thighs
and her hair is golden brown
and she loves to squirm around
you pull her binky, the alarm will sound

She's my Bonnie bug, she's my Bonnie bug
She's got beady eyes, itty bitty thighs (or chunky monkey thighs)
and a dimple in her chin
but a double for the win

She's my Bonnie bug, she's my Bonnie bug
She's got beady eyes, itty bitty thighs (or chunky monkey thighs)
and the longest fingers out
She'll be a pianist without a doubt

She's my Bonnie bug, she's my Bonnie bug
She's got beady eyes, itty bitty thighs (or chunky monkey thighs)
and she is a snuggle bug
she loves to cuddle and she loves to hug

She's my Bonnie bug, she's my Bonnie bug
She's got beady eyes, itty bitty thighs (or chunky monkey thighs)
are your eyes brown or are they blue?
I don't know but I really love you!

Bonnie Rae by Susan Ahlman

Bonnie Rae, Bonnie Rae, Bonnie Rae Hag-li-en-di-ay!
I was named after two Bonnies that my mom loved who
taught her how to play keys
I've got big, bright blue eyes
mom and dad laugh when I look surprised
I am sweet, I am cute
All I do is toot, toot, toot
That's my song, what do ya think?
Yes, I know...I stink, stink, stink!

Bonnie Blue (Mickey Mouse club theme)
by Brittany Haglund

Whose the leader of the club that's made for you and me?
Bonnie blue (bonnie blue) Bonnie Blue (Bonnie Blue)
Forever we will love you, you, you, you, you

Come along and join the club that's made for you and me

Bonnie Blue (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
 by Susan Ahlman

Bonnie Blue oh Bonnie BLue
I love you...oh yes I do
You are my friend, to the end
all my love I'll always send...
Bonnie Blue oh, Bonnie Blue
I love you ......oh, yes I do.

here are a million pics

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