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It's official. I have become one of those moms who constantly posts about her kid. I am literally obsessed with Bonnie. She has changed our lives and I lose sleep just thinking about the fact that she is growing up before our very eyes. She is really one happy baby. She is ALWAYS smiling and she only cries if she is hungry. I don't know how we got so lucky! She truly lives up to her name which is "cheerful and beautiful." I don't think it was a coincidence we felt strongly to name her Bonnie. I also love that she is in that stage where you can make her smile or laugh.

The latest with us. JJ is studying for the GMAT because he wants to go to school next fall. I am hesitant to move out of state after this election though. I was so bummed Mitt Romney didn't win and now I am scared to move out of state. I feel very secure in Utah and the state of its economy. I feel secure with my piano studio and with our finances and the fact that the cost of living is so low compared to the rest of the country. I guess we will just have to cross our fingers that something good happens.

I am just continuing to teach piano, perform, and accompany. I have attempted to get back into my competitive racing career, but since I have had a blood clot....my leg will never be the same. According to my doctor, I have developed chronic swelling and pain my leg since the DVT. It bums me out that I am only able to run for about 20 minutes before I have to walk because my leg gets heavy. I have had a very hard time losing my ability to be as competitive as I once was in runing. Watching one of my cross-country buddies from high school compete in the steeple chase in the Olympics this year was hard on me because I know that once I had the ability to do something like that. But despite my health issues, it was all worth it for Bonnie. I would give up all of my abilities just to be her mother. She makes us so happy.

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