Bonnie's milestones

Being a mom is the greatest and most miraculous thing ever. I would like to record Bonnie's milestones and personality since she is growing so fast. She is almost 8 weeks old.

-She is a huge squirmer. She squirms out of her swaddle cloth almost nightly. She was like that in the womb. She can never stay still.

-She loves her binky. One day she loves her donut binky, another day she wants her blingky.
-She is ravenous! She has had a few growth spurts and she loves to nurse. When 4pm hits, she wants a bottle
-She has a problem with gas and fussiness. She loves being soothed by the football hold and her binky
-If she is having a tantrum, she loves the taste of gas drops, followed by her binky
-Between 5 and 7 weeks was when she grew the most. She gained about 4 lbs in that time.
-She laughs and smiles as she falls asleep. Sometimes, it sounds like she is having seizures.
-At 5 weeks, she started to smile at me and JJ cause she recognized our faces
-She loves sticking her tongue out when I stick mine out.
-She is a grunter! She is always making noises and she loves to listen to herself
-She is a cooer! She makes a lot of vowel sounds and her favorite vowels are.."Mah!!!!" and "N'Gah!"
-At 4 weeks, we had to take her to the ER for bad gas/constipation. Gas drops and gripe water rock.
-She is always farting now! I decided to eat more fiber and that is doing the trick
-We had to give her an infant enema and she was happy baby
-She is VERY ticklish! On her face and on her thighs. Actually, she is ticklish anywhere
-She sleeps with her arms over her head
-She always has a concerned look on her face
-She always goes wide eyed, pulls her head back into a double chin and goes cross eyed as she smiles
-She loves her bathtime and being covered in really warm water
-She loves her stomach tapped lightly
-When she has a tantrum, she loves to be put on her stomach and burped really hard
-Her favorite songs to listen to are "My Heavenly Father Loves Me," "Nocturne in e flat by Chopin," "Seguidillas by Albeniz."
-She loves to arch her eyebrows
-She loves sticking her tongue in and out
-When I take her off my lap, she spreads her arms like an eagle, straightens her thighs and goes wide eyed
-She always falls asleep in the car
-She is very unpredictable with her emotions
-She has long fingers and a long body. At her 2 week appt she was in the 16 percentile for weight and height
-She has the cutest and biggest belly
-She has the cutest little mouth that is heart shaped
-She went to her first week of church last week and made it through 2 hrs and 55 min of church then had a tantrum 5 minutes to go,
-She has very blue eyes. We don't think they will turn brown
-She had golden brown hair and lots of it
-She has bird legs
-She opens one eye and looks liked she is winking.
-She smiles while she nurses and also has a newborn quiver. She is gets so excited when she sees the breast and goes wide eyed and ravenous and hyperventilates.
-She loves to sleep on mine and JJ's chest. She hates her bassinet. She has to be OUT cold to sleep in it.
-She rarely cries on car rides
-She gets fussy when I have caffeine and she breast feeds
-She started holding her head up the first week in the hospital
-She goes bobble head when she sleeps
-Everyone that sees her always uses the word "perfect." "She has a perfect head," or "perfect feet, eyes, little mouth, demeanor." Dr. Valentine called her "perfect" at her 2 week appt
-She gets a lot of attention wherever I go. People always have to stop and tell me how "beautiful" they think she is. She gets the most attention when she has big bows, her blingky, and jewelry.
-People describe her as a "little peanut."
-She is not biased. She is outgoing and smiles at everyone who holds her
-She has long nails and her hands are always by her face or when she has tantrums she scratches her face.
-She loves to wear Pampers and she hates Huggies.
-She loves to be warm. If I take her outside in the summer heat, she relaxes and sleeps. She HATES being cold.
-She has long and skinny piano fingers
-She loves being rocked to sleep in her Snugli when I take her on walks or to the elliptical at the gym.
-She loves to be in sleepers, but she hates onesies because you have to put something over her head.
-She is a cuddle bug. She loves to cuddle and hug
-When you burp her, she'll tilt her head sideways to look up at the face of whoever is burping her.
-She has a huge double chin and weekly, her cheeks and thighs get bigger. She also has a dimple in her chin.
-She gets a lot of attention at family parties and is considered the "hot potato."
-My favorite outfit on her is her eyelit white pant jumper and her eyelit pink dress that Cheryl Peirce gave her. I also love her in her yellow bows and crocheted skirts.
-The sound of the dishwasher, vacuum, and washing machine/dryer calm her.
-When you lift her arms up, she opens her mouth very wide and looks scared.
-She does the fake cry because she loves to listen to herself or she just wants attention.
-She loves to sleep on her side and is beginning to roll onto her side.

There is probably a ton more but I'll have to write it down later. It is crazy how fast they grow....I need to stay on top of recording it!

I will add pics and videos later.

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  1. I loved this post. I am so excited for motherhood, not ready or prego but excited. And this post just adds more excitement. I have no doubt you are an amazing mom!