Happy Birthday Mom!

This is my mom, Susan Marie Jorgensen Ahlman. How cute is she? Not only is she beautiful, but she is an amazing woman. 
Mom as a baby

Mom at age 7

Mom at our wedding

Her entire life has been spent sacrificing and serving her 7 (yes, 7) kids. Before my parents became more established, my mom would babysit all the kids in the neighborhood for $1.50 an hour just so she could give us a good life. She cleaned homes for four hours a day to pay for my piano lessons. She was my #1 cheerleader at soccer games, track meets, piano recitals etc. She would spend her monthly gas money to carpool me to good schools so my siblings and I could earn a great education.

Mom at Dave's football banquet

 She taught me to work hard by example. She was (and still is) never afraid to discipline us and teach us right from wrong. 
In high school, she was a cheerleader and never failed to make homecoming royalty. It wasn't cause she craved popularity, she was just a naturally genuine and humorous person and people loved that about her. She hasn't changed a bit! Even at age 52, she is still making us laugh with her spontaneity, sense of adventure, and goofy personality.
Embarrassing my dad

giving Hyrum a titty-twister

oh, the hair
just getting tats in India

She's one of the kids
she has "awesome" dance moves

 She takes care of herself and loves to exercise! She taught us the importance of staying healthy so we can keep up with our kids and feel good about ourselves. She wakeboards, surfs, runs, does aerobics, tae bo, plays the piano, is incredibly creative and artistic and is an awesome cook. Oh yeah, the grandkids LOVE her.
St. George marathon

Girl's camp

Just surfin'


Just lovin' my daddio

once again, attempting to dance.....

 So yes, I'll brag about her! She's the woman I would love to become someday but I don't think I'll ever be able to do it! The bar is too high. 
       Love you "mommie" and Happy Birthday!!
Then again, maybe I do have a little bit of "Sue" in me and maybe it is possible.

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