*Going Private for Good*

So, I've decided since I've become a mother that my paranoia has kicked up a notch. Between the kidnapping, rape and death of Sierra Newbold a few weeks ago, the shooting in Aurora, and the stabbing at Smith's Marketplace downtown (our former stomping and shopping grounds), I've decided that though there are a lot of good in the world, it's still a sick and disgusting place full of sick and disgusting people.

I'm a little protective of my baby considering I went through so much to have her. I'm also protective of my husband. I'm finding that though the  internet is a place that is full of sharing information, I need to be more cautious of who share our lives with. Well, I've been back and forth for a while on keeping my blog private. One day I'll feel good about it and another I'll have oodles of people complaining that they have to log in to view my blog, so then I make it public. Well, the time has come for good. I have decided to protect my family and our information and people who are truly involved in our lives can view it. 

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