*Summertime Rocks*

Just to update: here are a few graduation pics JJ took with our crappy camera. We'll have to get the good family ones off of JJ's dad's  good camera soon. 

BFFs forever 

I love my Lorny--friends since age 2. Beat that!

The most supportive people I know. Bob and Sue aka Mom and Dad

JJ's parents got me a U of U "Alumni" set of sweats! We're now both Alumni!

Big thanks to people for the beautiful flowers for graduation and my recital. Just a few of my fav bouquets.

We have had an amazing last couple of months. After a month, we've FINALLY settled into our new place in Cottonwood Heights. College apartment living? NO MORE! We have spent the last month on home improvement projects such as staining and painting furniture and prepping the nursery. It has been a lot of work! Though, there is still a lot to do. ( BEFORE AND AFTER Pics coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!)

JJ also had his 27th birthday. I took him to Braza Grill (his favorite Brazilian restaurant) for dinner and I spoiled him with a bunch of new clothes. The main present I got him.....DRUMROLL....was a quilt I made out of his old Sigma Chi T-shirts (he's been asking me to do it for a LONG time). I made it the day before his birthday in 10 hours. It was a pain in the butt project but well worth it! He uses it every day. He also went on a Bachelor party trip down to St. George. 

Braza Grill
Golfing in St. George (in one of his new bday outfits) :)

Oh yeah. We're due in 5 weeks! We're scared and excited to be parents. Here is the latest prego pic of me.

I'm getting lazy. I'll post more updates and pics soon (especially nursery and before and after pics of our new place). All we know is Summertime rocks! NO MORE SCHOOL!!!!

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