*The Full Monty*

It seems crazy that all we have left till we are parents is only 4 short weeks away. It seems like yesterday I was spilling the news to family and friends. I have FAILED to record what has gone on in my pregnancy but luckily, I have a good memory...so I'll do it now...so take a seat cause this will be a long post!

First Trimester
9 weeks along

-I was incredibly tired the first 4 weeks. It was difficult to get up and finish off my last month of school. I craved Wendy's JBC's without the bun, light lemonade, and Wendy's apple pecan chicken salad, but only for the first 4 weeks. Luckily, at 5 weeks (the week after finals got finished at the University), my morning sickness came on and decided not to leave until about 17 weeks. Yup, that's right. I had THREE straight months of HORRIFIC morning sickness. I threw up an average of ten times a day. The first month was very rough considering I had just gone on winter break from school. Poor JJ entertained himself with skiing and hours of watching "Lost" as I laid in bed all day and next to the toilet. I wished too many times I would just die until the baby came.

I could not keep anything down for the life of me. I loved specifically Simply apple juice and Simply orange juice but NOTHING would stay down no matter how hard I tried to keep nutrients in my system. Even vitamins and fluids would come back up. I had lost 8 pounds in just a week and the weight kept coming off. I bought sea bands to help my nausea but nothing worked. Smells made me so ill, especially the smell of febreze and pina colada air fresheners. 

By week 10, I had become so frail and weak due to dehydration that I became a little higher risk for my pregnancy. I had to go to the E.R. after my brother-in-law's basketball game one night in December. On the way to the E.R. (from Sugarhouse to LDS), I had to stop in three different bathrooms in three different stores to throw up! It was so awful!! The doc had to put me on IV's for about 5 hours to replenish my system so I could keep food and fluids down. Once I left the E.R., I felt better and I was able to slowly incorporate food into my diet. I can no longer eat at Hires, Zupas, or Z Tejas. I might be ruined for life. 

I went through apple and orange juice like it was going out of style and I loved any type of fruity drinks! I had to stuff nasty saltines and ginger ale to keep me from getting more ill. By the end of the first trimester, I was minus 10 pounds and nowhere to go but up from there. JJ and I traveled to Midway to the Zermatt resort for a romantic getaway for New Year's Eve. We spent 2 hours walking up and down Main Street in Park City trying to find a place that I could eat.

I was craving rice and vegetables and all the Asian restaurants were reserved for the evening. Finally, around 10pm, we ended up at Squatters and all I ordered was rice and veggies (yes, at Squatters....the burger place). Once I got my meal, I only had two bites until my cravings changed. I couldn't eat it anymore! Poor JJ. Your husband has to make sacrifices too when you're both expecting!

JJ bought me this famous danish at Zermatt. I just took a pic next to it cause I took a bite and was sick! 

Second Trimester
Compared to the first trimester, this one was somewhat of a breeze. I began to get my appetite back. From 13 to 17 weeks, it still felt like the first trimester but I averaged throwing up only 4-5 times a day instead of 10 times. At 14 weeks, we found out we were having a baby girl. I was so excited, but we were both SURPRISED! JJ's mom had to adopt girls cause she had four boys straight in a row (and the guy determines the gender)! The family didn't believe us at first until they saw that there was nothing between her little legs. I had barely any girl names picked out but I felt the baby may have been a girl around week 11. Before we went into the ultrasound I told JJ that I would bet him anything we were having a girl. He blew it off and said, "RIGHT, not likely!" Let's just say I got the last laugh.

 School was going well and I was feeling really good around midterms which was around week 20. They say you're supposed to travel in your second trimester cause it's the "honeymoon" trimester of them all. JJ had to take a business trip down to Vegas so since it was the week of my Spring break, I decided to tag along. I craved waffles with fruit, fruity drinks, SUBWAY, and breakfast burritos. Talk about a 180! I actually began to like food again! I felt awesome in school and I had a ton of energy which is weird because I was living on maybe 3 hours of sleep a night. My belly was growing and I had to adjust to sleeping on my side instead of my tummy!

 A few funny cravings that never ended in the second trimester were: strawberry milk, strawberry instant breakfasts, wheat toast with raspberry jam, Special K strawberries and yogurt cereal, MILK, MILK, and MILK! I have never been a fan of milk but I think my body was telling me "Okay, time to rebuild the bone density you lost from throwing up!" I also ate an entire jar of our Aunt Shauna's zuchinni relish in one sitting....with just a spoon. 
Bonnie at 20 weeks

20 weeks!

 We were planning on going to Cancun to celebrate my last week in the second trimester and graduation but I got a blood clot at 24 weeks and ended up in the hospital with a very, very high risk pregnancy from practicing my piano too much. So for a few weeks there, the second trimester rocked, until two E.R. visits later and shots, shots, shots. I gave my recital and graduated at 28 weeks. Back then, I loved eating turkey sandwiches with tomato, avocado, lettuce, mustard, and mayo on wheat bread. I gained a total of 10 pounds in the second trimester.

Third Trimester

All I can say is I love FRUIT, FRUIT, FRUIT! My biggest cravings have been watermelon, fresh pineapple and crunchy red grapes. I would be satisfied eating fruit all day everyday if it were good for me and the baby. I have been sleeping like a baby (even though that saying doesn't make sense at all). I think it has been because of the A/C in our new place and our comfortable king bed and down comforter. I'm also used to sleeping on my side now! I'm not thinking about school anymore either and my stress level has gone from a 10 to a 1. 

The crappy thing this trimester though has been taking my shots. You think I would be used to it by now but it still hurts almost every time! My immune system has also dropped a ton so for a month straight I have been sick with a cold, cough, headaches, fever, and sore throat. I can't shake it!! My tummy has also run out of amniotic fluid to cushion the blows from my little one so I can feel every punch and kick now with full force! She is SO ACTIVE. Actually, HYPERACTIVE. I counted her kicks in one hour and the doc says it should be around 10. Yeah, Bonnie kicked me 74 times. 

She also sits in my ribs and likes to jam them and tickle them as well as my sides. She's not too prevalent out front which is why everyone who sees me says "You're so SMALL for ________ weeks, you only look like you're 4 months along!" I tell them I'm probably not small, the baby is just hiding in my back and ribs! But maybe I am small. At 34 weeks, I've put on a total of 15 pounds thus far in my entire pregnancy and the doc thinks I'll end up around 18-20 pounds for my total weight gain at 38 weeks which is well below the average 25- 35 lbs. I won't attribute that to self control though, cause I eat like a cow. I'll attribute it to being sick all the time and carrying a hyperactive child who never ceases to give me a break! I tell people that I would have much rather gained more weight with an easier pregnancy than not very much with an incredibly hard one.

I've also had the whole "nesting" sensation kick in. All I can think about is preparing the nursery, the house, the diapers, the hospital bag etc. Luckily, I've had one shower so far and people have helped me out. I have another 3 showers in the next 3 weeks so I just need to relax. :) 
30 weeks

33 weeks

Even though this pregnancy has been totally rough, I wouldn't change a thing. I feel like it has prepared JJ and I to appreciate what it takes to bring a child into the world and to love a child. I understand now why parents can be protective and will do anything and sacrifice anything for their kids. I don't think kids realize what their parents went through for them until they have to have a child! I'm now 34 weeks. FOUR WEEKS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

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