*Quick Update*

I never really have time to post anything anymore! I'll make it short and sweet today.

 Just got back from doctor's office. I'm 32 weeks along and I've put on a total of 12 pounds. 

I guess I won't be hitting the 25-30 lbs pregnancy average which is okay cause Doc says I'll lose the baby weight really fast. Funny thing is, I have been eating like a cow. Interesting. I ate an entire watermelon by myself last night. I guess I just lucked out on this pregnancy with stress and health problems which have kept my weight down!

 I also scheduled my C section today. Instead of taking me a week early, the doc having me deliver 13 days early. The official date is July 16 at 6:30 a.m.

I guess the pregnancy from hell has turned out to be the pregnancy from heaven. Low weight gain and we get to see our baby girl about 2 weeks early! Stressed about the nursery and getting it together in 45 days though! HELP!!!! 

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