*Oh, The Thinks You Can Think If Only You Try*

I love Dr. Seuss. My mom used to read all of his books to me growing up. My favorite books of his were:

-Great Day for Up!
-Yertle the Turtle
-Green Eggs and Ham
-Go Dog! Go!
-Oh, the Places you'll Go

I've noticed a common thread in his line of books. If you read them, they are all very positive. This morning I woke up and thought about how my life has changed in just the past six months. I thought of his quote from Oh, the places you'll go. It reads: 

" Oh, the thinks you can think can think up if only you try!"

My biggest problem 
is that I am a naturally negative person who focuses more on realism than optimism.  Reminding myself that life is good is a daily task. However, my attitude has changed concerning school. I love it! I'm actually sad to graduate in less than four weeks!

Good things are happening.
At six months pregnant, I'm healthy and strong and so is our baby girl. Pregnancy has been good for me. It has taught me to value life more as well as the worth of others.  This little chica has pushed me to my limits! She has pushed me to work my very hardest sick or healthy, tired or energized!

Oh, the thinks you can think!
As this chapter of our lives ends and another begins, I can't help but feel very happy. Happy to accomplish getting a degree in music, happy to move out closer to family, happy to become parents, happy to be playing the piano again in church, happy to go to Mexico, happy to be the best I can be. And to think of the dorks we were three years ago. Who would've thought we would get this far? A marriage and a baby in the baby carriage? HAHA! I have loved it all!

Going to see my beautiful niece
Anajli who was born this week made me realize that having a child will change the lives of you and your spouse. I have never seen my brother and his wife so incredibly glowing now that they have a daughter to love.

"OH, the thinks you can think up if only you try"
Now for the clincher. My 24th birthday is next week! I'll at least make an effort to be happy about that! ha!

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