*Halfway Through & Vegas Too*

Celebrate good times c 'mon right?  I'm celebrating that I am officially HALWAY THROUGH MY PREGNANCY!!!! I love the second trimester. It's like a party in my belly everyday and I love seeing my blossoming baby bump. Oh, I just love this girl. I mean look at this pic! She makes my heart melt. :) Today, the doc encouraged me to get a C section because of my genetically narrow pelvis which means we get the baby a week early!
So, JULY 23rd will be the special day!

Baby Bonnie pretending to sing into the microphone
20 weeks pregnant!!

Babymoon #1 was also a success.
 JJ and I had a bittersweet moment in Vegas. We stayed at the MGM grand for five days. 

Bitter= porn on streets, hotel on the strip, inhalation of too much smoke and alcohol, inconvenient parking, packed for spring break, had to walk through a casino no matter where we went. 

Sweet= free trip, awesome weather, great pool, great tans, Phantom of the Opera, close to awesome shopping, tried new restaurants. 

I decided the first thing that gets pregnant on me are my CHEEKS!!!

20 weeks pregnant!!!!

We also went to a place called, Hash House. It was gross but JJ liked it. Look at these servings! I only ate 1/4 of my pancake. Husband got chicken and waffles. BLAH....I loved my kiwi watermelon lemonade drink though!

comparing my hand to my pancake

JJ's chicken and waffles.

Phantom was amazing. Andrew Lloyd Webber should have a place reserved in heaven for writing such a masterpiece. I cried at the part where Christine Daae kisses the Phantom. I also loved the live music and the incredible set. We were lucky to go cause the show ends this September.

20 weeks pregnant!!!

 We both decided that we've kind of grown out of the "party in Vegas this weekend" stage. Though the city has a lot of cool and classy stuff to offer such as the Bellagio, the Venetian and Phantom, we could not get to anything without traveling through smut, low-life people, clouds of smoke, and the smell of alcohol. 

Next up, Graduation and CANCUN baby!!!!!

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