*All I Know Is....*

JJ and I are ditchin'the 801 and heading down to Las Vegas where we'll party it up by the pool and live lavishly at the Mandalay Bay (again). We'll also go to the St. George condo. It's supposed to be 73 degrees the entire time!

Too many stupid bandwagon heat fans. ESA was exploding with obnoxious wannabe heat fans(AKA ex Jazz fans). I hate bandwagoners. Get an opinion of your own, don't follow the crowd! Well, to shove it in the faces of these idiotic people, the Jazz beat the heat by ONE POINT. Take that!

Can I just tell you that I already know how our baby girl will be when she comes out of the womb? She is so funny. Every doctor appointment, my hilarious doctor has to assure me that we have the most active little girl he has seen in the last five years of his patients. Seriously though, in the ultrasounds, she is always kicking or doing flips or jumping around. ESPECIALLY when music is playing. She also is a healthy girl, like her mama. She recognizes crap food. Let's just say though I'm past morning sickness, I get sick from just about any crappy food. In N'Out and Hires are the worst! She also hates aspartame and recognizes it. She knows if something is light mayo or the real thing. She knows if something is processed. She knows if something is falsely sweetened. She lets me know!! She loves citrus foods and pizza (just like both JJ and I). If she doesn't get enough sleep, she'll kick me until I lay down to take a nap (or she'll kick me through the nap). She's very sassy and stubborn. I think she's my daughter. Well, I guess JJ is stubborn too. She's just OUR kid and boy, can't wait to see our little "cinnabon" next week. :)
This is Baby Bonnie and I. Two peas in a pod (just like in the movie with Bonnie Blue and Scarlet O'Hara)

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