*Goals and Close Calls*

So 2012 has been quite the year so far. I have a few things that I would like to put on my goal and wish lists though!

-Graduate and give a KILLER recital
-Have a healthy baby girl with no complications
-Get physical therapy until my arm heals so I can be back to playing the piano as well as I once did
-Move out to Cottonwood Heights in May so I can be closer to family!
-Have JJ get a new job that he enjoys!
-Go to Cancun and feel sexy, even though I'll be 7 months pregnant
-Have Mitt Romney beat out Obama in November
-Keep my body in shape and healthy during pregnancy
-Become more organized (ha, I need that)


Speaking of having a healthy girl. On Monday night, right as JJ had left town for a conference in Vegas, I started experiencing complications. I was displaying ALL signs of miscarriage (at 18 weeks!). I was freaking out. I called the doctor who at the time of day was only taking emergencies. He suggested that I go in for an emergency ultrasound if the pain kept getting worse. JJ wasn't home so he was having a heart attack in Vegas. I was all alone so I went to my parent's house. My dad called the home teachers over and gave me a priesthood blessing. Guess what? The baby turned out to be okay and I've taken extra precautions to make sure it stays that way! Thank heavens!

This is Bonnie clapping her hands and saying, "YAY! I'm a healthy and happy baby with a healthy and happy mommy!"

On another note, the weather is going to get warmer! I can sense it. I think this calls for a weekend stay at the St. George condo soon! Can't wait! I NEED A TAN!!!!!!

This is me when I was once tan. Until I became a white whale.

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  1. That is so scary! I'm so glad everything was ok. I hope you are doing well! That is so fun you're having a little girl!