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Alright, I haven't blogged in about a month! It's great to be able to say that since I've been so busy with school. 

Good stuff going on and new updates.

 First, I have an obsession with Mitt Romney. Yes, he's totally sexy for a 65 year old. Get over it. He's also rich, smart, saavy, and will make an awesome president. JJ is on his campaign and I don't miss a debate. On the other hand, I'm sick of political rants all over facebook! I'm talking to you Ron Paulers and LIBERALS! Obama can kiss my big, pregnant booty. Get him out of here already! 

Second, JJ and I are happy to announce that we're having a BABY GIRL! Her name will be Bonnie. Okay, I'm sure ya'll are thinking, "really?" I wanted to have London or Summer as a girl name since I was in 6th grade so Bonnie came as a surprise to us.  She's my little piano baby who jumps and does somersaults when I play classical music and Bonnie is the name of my piano playing Grandma, the most influential piano teacher of mine, and the cute little girl on "Gone with the Wind." She'll be our little Bon Bon. 

Third, I scheduled my piano recital! My senior recital will be awesome. Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Albeniz, and Beethoven. Who wants to miss that? It's on May 7, 2012 at 7pm so put it on your calendar! I practice 4-6 hours a day so ya'll will love it! What a date night, eh? Oh, and refreshments will be served.

Fourth, JJ and I decided not to go to business school this year since our baby is due July 27 (and that is when MBA's start). We are going to move to Sandy though (as far away from the U as possible! haha). JJ is also taking me to Cancun for my graduation present in May! I'll be 7 mos. prego but who cares? I'll show off my big belly for a week in Cancun any day!

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