First Trimester....CHECK!!!!

First Trimester....CHECK!

 I am very grateful that I'm pregnant, don't get me wrong. I know a lot of people that can't get prego and have to adopt.... and I feel for them. However, I think those people partly are lucky because they don't have to experience PREGNANCY! The first trimester was a horribly looonnnngg ride. Here's what I experienced.

-EXTREME FATIGUE (sleeping up to 18 hours a day)
-Intense vomiting (about 10-20 Xs a day, after every car ride, after every meal)
-No ENERGY (therefore, I've barely exercised)
-Dehydration (thanks to vomiting)

11 Weeks. Pretty sure my butt is where the baby is being stored, not my stomach.!! ha
Let's just say that some days, I would have rather been dead!! Though I still have morning sickness, it's beginning to ease out. I told myself that when I got pregnant, I would try to look more like Jessica Alba (fit with a baby bump) than Jessica Simpson (FAT everywhere, oh and a baby bump). Hopefully the second trimester will allow me to get off my butt and get running again so I can aim to look like J. Alba. We'll see.

Ideally, what I would like to look like prego. Just a baby bump and fit everywhere else. 
What' I'd like to look like
What my body type will allow me to look like.....

Doctor visits are great. I love Dr. Terry who is very personable and makes me excited about my growing baby bump. He did an ultrasound and said that our baby is fully formed, sucking on its thumb, and kicking already! I've got to say, seeing the little miracle of life form inside of me made me think that perhaps losing my body will be a worthwhile sacrifice. Just maybe? haha We're so excited for July!!!!! :)


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  2. I still just can't believe you are pregnant! Honestly, I don't think how you eat and exercise is going to determine how your body is going to look it just depends on your body structure that you born with. My family NEVER exercises and are not health fanatics. When my mom and my sister get pregnant, you can't even tell until they are in the 3rd trimester and even then they didn't look that far along. My mom lost weight and my sister hardly gained any and they were very healthy. What you eat and how exercise benefits your baby more than it does your body.

  3. You're beautiful!!!!!! I can't wait for your baby. Your body is so cute and you'll look good no matter what!!!