*2011 vs 2012!*

So you're all probably sick of reading oodles of boring and long blog posts about the recap of everyone's "AMAZING" year in 2011, so I'll try to make mine short, sweet, and honest.....it was a year full of BOTH pros and cons. Imagine that?


-4 E.R. visits
-2 major surgeries
- HORRIBLE morning sickness
-an A/C less summer at our house
-Another semester with killer classes


-We traveled quite a bit
-I got a car (hideous, but it runs and we paid with cash)
-We conceived a baby! 

Washington, D.C-June 2011

Historic Space Shuttle Launch-Cape Canaveral Feb 2011
Disney World-Feb 2011

Chinatown-San Francisco October 2011

Why 2012 will be better than 2011:

-We'll have our first child!!!!!!!
-I'll finally have my Bachelor's degree from the U (a true ute!)
-my bro David is getting married in May!
-We may move to SoCal for USC ( or just OUT of 1000 east)
Redondo Beach, CA. Our perhaps future home.
-More grand babies
-Cancun in May
-Hawaii in December
-Mitt Romney will take over as President! (PRAY!)
JJ with Mitt Romney-June 2011

Pretty sure, 2011 won't be able to hold a candle to 2012.....I guess we'll see! I think 2012 will be a year where our accomplishments will finally come to fruition after all our years of hard work.

 Oh and on a pregnancy note, We find out what we're having next week. :) Can't wait to get names and nursery ideas together.

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