Evil-ness vs Happiness

Today is going to be one of those venting days. First off, word to the wise: Wait till you're out of school to get prego. Why? MORNING SICKNESS! BLAH! It is so crappy (especially during finals week, of all weeks!!!) It's hit me SO HARD. I wake up every two hours and have to stuff nasty saltines and water down my throat, and try to keep it down. (I have always HATED saltines too). 

My poor husband has to wake up all the time in the night to get me crackers or fill up the Brita pitcher so I have filtered water.Or he'll run to the store and pick me up orange juice and chicken noodle soup after a long day of work. Even though by the time he gets back, my cravings have changed. He's so sweet! 

I'm also going to vent because my emotions are ALL OVER THE PLACE! Seriously, if people barely talk to me about anything, I BITE their head off!  Another word to the wise: DON'T COME NEAR ME until the second trimester unless you want to get a frying pan in your face. I'm seriously SO EDGY!! It's my freaking hormones that are all over the place!

(Caution: my emotions are about to change rapidly)

I guess some things to be happy about are:
-I'm the skinniest I've ever been (for now) and (yes, pregnant). My body fat and weight are lower now than they were on my wedding day. That's yoga mixed with a little morning sickness for you.  
-We have a very healthy baby!
- I've gotten through all my finals, but one!
-We get to go to a ritzy Mitt Romney event tonight
-Oh yeah, and I have a super sexy husband 

Oh, the joys of pregnancy. 

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