*Baby's heartbeat, Katie's birthday and USC*

Today was a good day. We were able to see our baby's heartbeat for the first time. It was amazing! The radiologist who was doing my ultra sound zoomed into the picture and you could see a little flickering flash of light! That was the heartbeat!

We were both so happy to see it because we feared last week that I had perhaps miscarried because I was having major symptoms of miscarriage. We prayed out guts out that the baby was okay and my home teachers came over to give me a priesthood blessing. Everything turned out great. We were once again blessed.

Our baby is due on either July 31 or August 1. I personally have an intuition that our baby is a boy, (THOUGH I WOULD LOVE A GIRL too!) The heart was beating fairly moderately (instead of fast which is how baby girls are). I'm also craving salty foods and I can't stand sweet foods! I LOVE spicy/middle eastern food as of late. I also have all the major symptoms that women have when they are pregnant with a boy. However, all these symptoms might just be old wives tales. 

Other good news. JJ got asked to fly out to California for an interview with USC! If it goes well,  it's looking like SOCAL is where we will end up next August with our new little baby.

I think this will become a familiar site...family days at the beach (though my bod probably won't look that good!)

I also am almost through this horrific semester! BOO! It has SUCKED SOOOO BAD! However, despite being nauseous, tired, and weak, I'm pulling my load to get through the next week of finals with success thanks to yoga and running. Thank heaven for exercise. Keeps me sane.

FINALLY! Tomorrow is KATIE HAGLUND'S 11th birthday!!!!!! It's crazy, when I met her she was just  a tiny and shy little 8 year old. Now, she's totally outgoing and conquering in whatever she pursues.She very talented, photogenic, charismatic and she brings happiness to everyone cause she's always smiling and laughing! She gets good grades. dominates in piano, soccer, dance, cheer, and now even basketball. My fav memories with Katie are P-nights, getting my nails painted by her, playing speed, coaching her soccer games, night games, and girl's night at Chilis. I know JJ has many more memories than I do with her but I know the Haglunds are very happy for their little Katie bug.


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