What's UP!

-So we're happy at our house! We found a 4,000 Ferguson Copeland REAL LEATHER couch on KSL for 200.00 (I will post the story on my bombshellbargains blog soon!). It's GORGEOUS and nice for when we have company (which has been often lately). 

-Also, JJ heads to Chicago next week for RSNA (The world's largest radiology conference). 

Meanwhile, me and my BFFs will be partying away at my place. ;)  Julia, Katie and Summer wanna do a "P" party again with me. We did it in January and had a sleepover and it was a blast!!

-Bad news is I went to the doc. I have severe muscular fatigue and tendinitis in my left hand which is making it difficult for me to play "fast" on the piano (and even type!). TOO MUCH PRACTICING? Who woulda thought? I get a nerve test next week. 

-I've gone 2 weeks without Diet Mtn. Dew on a daily basis. I've only had a DMD twice (only on Fridays). I feel much better. Moderation in all things. JJ's a good example!

-Finally, we love Stephen Colbert. This is the funniest video ever! He is totally a Mormon lover who think we're "irresistibly cool" and "not weird." 

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