We have the cutest.......

Our nieces and nephews are seriously the cutest little things out there. They are horrible to be around because instead of being birth control, they totally make JJ and I baby hungry (but only when we're with them. ;) JJ and I still have a ways till we have our own......For now we'll just hang with these kiddos.

Versailles is so cute. She's our little model and a tomboy at the same time. She's the oldest of the grandchildren. She loves hanging out with uncle Hyrum and she's crazy about the Disney princesses. 

Azure is a doll too. She's very hyper and also loves the Disney princesses. She LOVES wearing makeup and eating healthy foods. 

Breitling is hilarious. He's the oldest boy of the grand babies and never fails to make you smile. He's very animated. 

The link above shows Breit singing. He's hilarious!
Benson is the little angel. Probably the easiest baby there ever was. He is very happy all the time and all he does is laugh and smile or look confused!

Valencia is the little "dolly lolly." She's always in bows, sucking on her "bling-ky" or smiling at her mama. She's the newest.

Next, baby Anjali (pronounced, Angalee) (Eric and Preeti's baby girl) will follow. She's due in late March/Early April. 

LOVE BEING AN AUNT. Look at these kids...how could I not?

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