Halloween Fun!

JJ and I had a great Halloween weekend. We hit up a few parties where we went as Goose and Maverick from the 1985 pop movie hit, "Top Gun." 

JJ has been told since his mission that he looks a bit like the "young Tom Cruise." I would have to definitely agree! He's a babe.

On Friday night, we hit up Brad and Brittany Barth's for birthday/Halloween fun. Britt (24 years old! WOO!) was a wall street banker and Brad was the supposed 99% (a protestor). HILARIOUS. I hate the stupid "occupy Wall street" movement so it made my day!!

It was great to see Jen and James and other friends from high school. Jen was a flapper girl and James was, Antoine Dodson...aka the youtube sensation "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife." It was a hit!

After the party, JJ and I went home and rented "What Lies Beneath." That movie never gets old. Classic suspense/horror. I can't handle gore so it worked for me.

Saturday, We invited Chris and Jordan over for the Utah blackout game which was a success. Chris and Jordan are my favorite couple. I loved hearing about their crazy times in the past!

Later, we went shopping because JJ wanted to be festive and get lots of decorations to embellish his cubicle at work. Well, he ended up winning the contest for best cubicle! He also won "Funniest Costume."

When we got home, we turned on our DVR'd version of 1978's "Halloween." Mike Myers is a PSYCHO! I didn't think it would be scary because it's 30 years old, but I was SPOOKED! Luckily, it was edited. NO GORE. Only suspense.

On Sunday, my parents had a Halloween party and we carved pumpkins. JJ carved "Jack the Ripper" and I carved a "Witches Brew." I made pumpkin cobbler, my new favorite fall recipe.

Finally, last night we raked some leaves then headed over to the Haglund's house where we surprised Trick-or-treaters, took pics, and hung with the fam. JJ and I got tired of our "Top Gun" costumes so we got creative again......

JJ was a homeless NBA lockout player that held a sign, "Will work for food." I'm obsessed with the new TV show Pan-Am so I put on a dark wig and a stewardess costume. It was a great weekend!


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