*Diet Don't...NOT Diet Dew*

Okay, so for the last 2 years I've become the most addicted person to Diet Mountain Dew. I love the taste of the citrus carbonation running down my throat. However, I noticed that while I was on it, I:

-Had Insomnia
-Was not able to wake up early
-Didn't have energy to exercise
-Craved junk food all day, every day
-Had breathing problems during exercise
-Ran slower than usual
-Couldn't think clearly or focus

-Couldn't memorize my music for school very fast
-Experience nervousness and anxiety about everything
-Experienced HORRIBLE headaches


Finally, I got tired of all the crappy symptoms that came with my addiction. So, last Wednesday I decided to ditch the dew. 

I am now back to my old self. Eating healthy (CRAVING healthy food), headache free, running faster, early to bed and early to rise, focusing better, less anxiety etc.

I am with the church when they say to do things in moderation and avoid addictive substances. I'm with these guys.

I've learned the hard way but I'm back to normal again! :)

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