*The Crossfire of Heaven and Hell*

JJ and I came across this video from his brother's wall. Mike Haglund has chosen to sacrifice two years of his life to serve as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

 Honestly, about two or three years ago had anyone asked Mike if he was going to serve a mission, his response would have undoubtedly been, "no." Back then, he was consumed with the questions of life and was not sure what he wanted.

However, he always had a" fire burning" about what he had learned growing up from Church and the example from his parents . He knew that God had a plan for him that would bring him true happiness, deeper than the surface.

Mike went on a Lake Powell trip with brothers of his LDS fraternity at the U.  Many of his brothers were returned missionaries and told him that serving a mission would change his life for good. Mike came home from that trip a changed man. He filled out papers for a mission and received a call to serve in Pennslyvania. 

Elder Mike Haglund has been gone for about a year now and is a more mature and happy individual. His emails make us laugh and cry. He truly has found state of peace and happiness. WE LOVE YOU MIKE!

Since we follow him on facebook (Elder Mike Haglund...add him!), he posts amazing stories
. One of which we think parallels with Mike and his story. The lead singer and rock sensation Brandon Flowers of, The Killers had a similar experience. 

No matter what comes our way, we know that happiness comes from service and doing what Heavenly Father has planned for us. All we have to do is talk to him on a regular basis.

We'll reach that crossfire between heaven and hell and only we can choose where we will stand. 

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