*Coming Next Year: Baby Haglund*

We're very excited to announce we are expecting our first child next summer! Honestly, I didn't think this would happen as soon as it did, but nevertheless we are entirely grateful! Ever since we've been married, I've had doctor visit after doctor visit and health problems and surgeries etc. I had it set in my mind children might not happen for us. So you can imagine my surprise when I took the test. I couldn't believe my eyes! I had to take three tests to believe it!!! 
We made this cookie for our family and gave it to them on THANKSGIVING. What better day to possess and share gratitude??

I just went in my room and sobbed like a baby for an hour! I was so happy. I knew that Heavenly Father cared for us and that he understood that we needed relief from our burdens.

JJ was actually in Chicago when I found out. I decided to keep my mouth shut until he came home (THIS TOOK A LOT OF PATIENCE) I decided to make it fun for him when he came home by doing a scavenger hunt with clues of his "early Christmas present."

Here is the summary in pics: 

JJ's reaction was PRICELESS! He was so surprised!!!!

We made a cookie that said, "we're pregnant" for both the Haglunds and the Ahlmans. 
Me with my parents. Don't mind me. Pregnancy makes you so tired and you look and feel HASHED!!
Everyone's reactions were crazier than I expected. Especially the Haglunds. THEY FREAKED!!!


Pregnancy is crazy though. I'm always exhausted, bloated, nauseous, and I never have an appetite (well, yet!). I do have weird cravings though and I'm hating foods I once loved AKA SWEET TOOTH FAIRY CUPCAKES and DIET DEW! What? I've been obsessed with both  FOREVER! 
These no more look appetizing

In this trimester, I've been craving super healthy food. I think the Wendy's chicken pecan salads are my new indulgence. I also crave broccoli and turkey.  Sweet and salty foods make me sick!


I think the most noticeable thing about my pregnancy are my emotions. Last night, the Haglunds took us to the "Muppets Movie." I cried and a ten year old girl! It was supposed to be a funny movie too!

All I know is JJ and I are very grateful, which is why we chose to announce it on Thanksgiving. In just the short time, our lives have changed. It's almost like a chamber in your heart opens that you didn't even know existed when you carry a child. You become more submissive and caring for those around you and yourself. Pregnancy makes you feel more selfless. After all, you're living your life cautiously so your child can INHERIT a life. We couldn't be more grateful for the support from our families. I can't wait for our future family! We're so blessed.

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