*You Should Date Him Too*

Currently, I am spending more time with this AMAZING man than with my husband....let me give you a few hints:

-He was born into an abusive home and his alcoholic father would beat him relentlessly

- He was very friendly at a young age yet his only "true friend" was his mother

-He lost his mother at age 17 and his life started to take a turn

-People paid him to get an education

-He was the oldest of 7 children and provided for his siblings since his alcoholic father would not work.

-At age 31 he started to lose his hearing

-At age 35 he contemplated suicide but claimed he was saved by music and its "supernatural powers."

-He spent all the money he had saved from his career in getting custody of his nephew

-His nephew commit suicide a few years later

-He pursued many women but was turned down. He stopped believing in love. 

-He stopped believing in God


He became the world's greatest composer and pianist despite his trials and handicaps

That's right. I'm dating Ludwig Van Beethoven and his Piano Sonata No. 5

You should get to know him. He wrote some of the greatest music ever written and obviously was a stronger person than us all.

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  1. Amazing! Thank you Brittany for enlightening all of us! Good luck on everything! YOU are such an inspiration to all of us, I know how proud your parents are too! xo Wendy