"S" is for Stoked!!

"S" is also for sun, San Francisco, Stanford, surprises, and situations that are seemingly successful!! 

We had a great week in the Bay area over fall break. Before we left, our basement apartment flooded. When we returned, our house was SPOTLESS JJ's lovely grandma surprised us with maid services! I think in this case, "S" is for SWEETHEART and SERVICE!

San Francisco was an amazing city. We visited Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, Chinatown, Lombard Street, Golden Gate, Bay Bridge, etc. "S" is for SAN FRANCISCO! 

Funny enough, highlights from the trip included our visits to the Stanford campus and Facebook headquarters. JJ applied to Stanford just yesterday so we're crossing our fingers. He seemed like a perfect fit for what they were looking for, so in JJ's case...."S" is for Smart. 
 JJ also visited the Sigma Chi house....and it was stylish!  "S" is for Stylish Sigma Chi.

We visited Facebook too.. though we were a little disappointed. We thought a billion dollar company would have a nicer pad but apparently even billionaires are cheapskates! We got to see only the lobby. I think in the case, "S" is for Shameful. 

The trip was outstanding! We had nice weather, met with friends (Mick Hagen....Founder of Zynch, Charles and Katy Smart, and Taylor Rice and his cute family). "S" is for Superb!

We ate awesome food! "S" is for SOURDOUGH and SEAFOOD! We went to Boudin's and ate great sourdough clam chowder bread bowls and phenomenal fresh halibut. 

The trip was great! Upon our arrival, JJ received a call from our lovely friends Brittany and Brad Barth. Brad asked JJ to join as an official representative on Mitt Romney's campaign for President 2012! 
YES! JJ's dream come true!!! "S" is for success. 

I'm so proud of my husband who to me, is perfect. 

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  1. love this post!!! hoping you guys get into Stanford!!!!!! Thanks for coming to visit us.